Tuesday, July 31

The awkward moment when post-title don't have anything to do with actual post :O


It's been a very busy weekend for me. Friday I spent at the beach trying to get a tan, but my vampire skin rejected it, and I got burned... But like I'd give up that easily!! Saturday I went yet again to the beach (another one though...) but I didn't get that burned. Guess I'm getting more normal colored :D

It was quite a storm this weekend too. Thunder and lightning all night long. Kind of creepy, but cool at the same time :D

I also went to Faces, an 'etnofestival' that is arranged yearly at a weekend in late July. I only went on Sunday though. It was awesome :D A lot of random people came asking me and my friend questions, but it was fun. This year's bracelet for Sunday was yellow (we sang 'Yellow' by Coldplay too, that was hilarious ^^) last year on Sunday it was orange :)

My dear yellow Faces bracelet. I'm going to keep you on my arm until next year. I hope. We'll see.

Today I went quick shopping with my mother and sister. I bought a shirt and a calendar for school. God, I can't believe school starts in two weeks :( It hasn't even felt that much of a summer yet... I mean now it's really kicking off. Before last week it was mostly rainy an cloudy, but now the sun is shining and torturing and almost not a single cloud in sight. Why wasn't this earlier?? I bet it's going to be like 40 degrees when school starts, just to screw us over. Yep, with my luck...

As many or at least most of you may have noticed, the Olympic Games has started! This year it's in my favorite city; London. Not that I'm that interested in sports, but I had to at least watch the opening ceremony. Many celebrites was in the show; J.K Rowling, Rowan Atkinson, Daniel Craig... Oh, and Voldemort!! :D

But I mostly took it up because of this song; 'Survival' by Muse. It's an official Olympics song. But it wasn't on the soundtrack though, I heard on the radio. I also heard that some people doesn't like it, but I do. That's why I chose it to be a part of today' song. The other one is below ;) Here you go; the first song of today!!

Today's second song is more of a video... That I'm obsessed with at the moment (aside from 'Smile like you mean it' by the Killers, it's still in my head!!). It got uploaded a few days ago, by the 'King of the Web' Paint, aka Jon Cozart. He is actually amazing :DD He also made 'Harry Potter in 99 seconds'. So I think you should check him out. Shoo!! (Kidding, you don't have to.) Here's 'Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds' by Paint! :D

It is actually just him. Both of them are him. He's awesome! :D

Seems like we passed 42 view of this blog :') I'm so proud *sniff* Oh, for those of you who don't know, 42 is the meaning of life. Period. You can google it. It also has an own emoticon on Facebook; :42: <--- that's how it looks. (God I'm nerding, "move on move on move on" like a mr Stan Shunpike said ;) I seriously need some sleep...)

Well, I'm going to leave you now for today. Hopefully I can post tomorrow, the internet has been a little bit bad lately :'(

But be good, don't kill each other, stay away from hot lava and take a shower now and then, and I'll see you soon :D

Bye bye, and goodnight for me ;) <33

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