Wednesday, August 1

School-in-two-weeks angst

Helluu!! :D

Today I haven't done anything, so I don't know what to say...

I've been watching 'Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds' all day long... I need a life.

School starts in two weeks... TWO WEEKS??!! I know, it's horrible, I don't want to :/ But I guess I'll see most of my friends. That's a good thing. I'm also starting a new school. Well, new and new, it's in the same building as the last one. That's how it is when you don't live in a big city ;) But still... I feel old... I know I'm 16 but still...

This post is going to be short, because I can't concentrate on writing here xD

Today's song is 'Addictive' by Royal Republic (their name doesn't make sence, that's a reason why I love them). The song is playing at "I'm a addic-dic-dic-dic-ted to you", making it sound like "I'm a dick dick dick to you". Just like Simple Plan's song 'Addicted' (I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you) (On concert Pierre touched his groin while singing. They have to come back... I wanted them to play 'what's new Scooby Doo' but they didn't.) Coincidence or what?

Anyways, back to the song. It's quite different from their former songs. It's not as.. aggressive as the others. But I still like it, so here it is:

I'm going now, Baai baaai!!! <33

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