Wednesday, August 22

Surprise Surprise


I think I won't say so much today. I have to choose a headline to write an essay on. It is supposed to be in next week. It's the second week in this school, and already an essay!! Man, that's crazy :/ Better get writing then! Oh, and it's to be written by hand... Urgh!!

Anyways, I have a full day tomorrow, from 8 to a little past 15. Well, almost full day, full days are from 8 to 15.35...

I have two weeks to find my favorite song. I have found something that could be close ;)

And that will be today's song!! :D 'Surprise Surprise' by Billy Talent!! I'm telling you, they keep getting better and better. And that's not easy, all their stuff is great! I still regret not whining to my parents to go see them this summer... But it was far away on a festival, so they wouldn't let me :/

But anyways, here it is: the new song by the awesome band Billy Talent: SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

I realized I haven't posted any songs by them at all :O I'm going to start from this moment on. They are amazing after all.

Any boo, back to last minute homework and soon-enough-sleep.

Bye bye, nighty night and all that! :D

SEE YA!!! <33

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