Sunday, August 19

Some Hunger Games related stuff today


I saw the Hunger Games for the first time on DVD yesterday. It was amazing as usual. Did I mention that I saw it twice in cinema? Well, nerdy as I am, I did. :D

Still over a year to Catching Fire... A long long time until it's here. Maybe we never even get to see it? If the world really ends in December? At least I got to see Muse...

BUT I HAVE TO SEE FINNICK BEFORE I DIE!!!  know I'm not the greatest fan fot Sam Claflin as Finnick, but I'm sure he'll surprise me positively on screen.  I have big expectations for you, mister!!!

I thought I'd do something different today. I have recently realized that I have loads of covers and parodys on my ancient mp3-player. And I'm not ashamed no. I really like covers and parodys often, that's why I have them there.

But I've also realized that I have three Britney Spears covers/parodys, but none by the singer herself. Huh.

So today, my fellow friends, I will present to you the three Britney covers.

Number 1: Womanizer

This cover is from the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand (thanks to who I got a grade better in history for knowing their name). I've had it for a while, and still I listen to it every time it shows up on my playlist. They are otherwise also a pretty good band.

Number 2: Toxic

This cover is made by Mark Ronson featuring Tiggers. Mark Ronson is also from the UK, and he is not singing in this song. In fact he rarely sings in his songs, he has other people doing it. But he still makes good music, so that's why I listen to him. (I could also mention that Glee did a version of this song in Britney/Brittany along with other Britney Spears songs, but I don't have them... I have the entire season 2 though >:) )

Number 3: I Wanna Go

This is a parody. It's a Hunger Games parody. Starring Gale and Peeta trying to win Katniss over. It's quite funny, and me and a couple of my friends has an inside-thing with it (and I'm Peeta btw ;) I'm Peeta and I know it!!). Yeah, just watch it...

That's it for today for cover/parody presentations!! Maybe I should do it more often? I don't know, you decide! :D

Whoa, this is a long post! I think I'll leave now... I'll be back someday, hopefully tomorrow after school.

Well bye!!! <33 And remember:

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