Friday, November 30



Today our school had a dinner party in honor of our country's national day, 6.12. I t was nice and fun, I think I'll go next year as well :)

Muse has cancelled their show in Oslo, Stockholm and Malmö, because Matthew Bellamy broke his foot. I really hope he get's better, because I really want to see them, I've been waiting half a year for this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm really lazy right now, so I'll just put the song.

Today's song will be 'Panic Room' by Muse. I still plan to go to their concert, I really hope it won't get cancelled. I really like this song, their new album is great! I need to get it on cd now.

Oh! I've also started wondering if I should start making vlogs (video blogs, for those who don't know). I have a channel on Youtube, but it's mostly for liking videos and such. But I'm in need of a better camera in that case, and maybe some better software for editing. But I also feel like I don't want to do it alone... *sigh* I'll just have to think about it...

Anyboo, that will be all for today! Byee!!! <33

Thursday, November 29

Testweek over!!!



Well, actually the day before yesterday, but I was too lazy to post >.>

Testweek went well, got okay grades, I don't think I'll rewrite any tests.

I also went to speak to the principle about getting a course for Kulturkarnevalen, but he said I have to do a project or something to fill up the hours that needs to be done to get a course. So my music-teacher have to come up with something that I can do. (I hope it's not this period, I have no gap hours :'( ) But she doesn't have much time to plan anything individually for me, so we'll see when I do the project.

I'm also spending a ridiculous time in Our Pants. TIME WELL SPENT! DFTBA!!!!

I shall try to post quite regularly, seeing as all my hobbies are ending for the holidays (which is almost a month away.) So you might read me here more often! (If anyone does that, I'm not sure... Hello?)

Today's song will be 'Supremacy' by Muse. Because guys... It is less than two weeks until they are here in Helsinki!! I'm so Finnicking excited!

I should get the CD...

But here it is: SUPREMACY

Someone commented on Youtube that it should have become a Bond song... I agree.

Well, that's all we got here on singinginmyroom, I'll see you guys soon! (Or I won't see you, but you get my point!)

BYEE!! <33

Monday, November 26



Testweek is almost over - only one test left! Unless I fail one, and have to re-write it... But let's not think about that.

Speaking of testweek, I should start reading... A quick post first.

I went shopping yesterday. It was kind of spontaneous (or how the hell you spell it), since I just told my mother that we need to get shopping someday, and she said 'Let's go now'. So we went for a quick shopping at Iso Omena. I bought make up, and also got a movie. But I tried to find a black sweater, but no store had one that I wanted. I guess I was a little too critical on them... But it had to match my neon-yellow trousers.

I recently discovered 8tracks. It's a site where you can listen to other people's playlists, and perhaps make your own. And yes, now I'm addicted to that page and am listening to it now. But it better than Youtube on my tablet, because you can do other stuff on the tablet while you are listening, instead of just watching videos when you are on Youtube. But it's only music on 8tracks, no videos.

I also updated my second blog, it looks nicer now. I also posted some drawings.

Today's song will be 'The Way We Get By' by Spoon. (Yes, I discovered it on 8tracks.) But it is a nice song, and it feels good. I've become a little more indie lately.

Just a way to show off my variating taste in music. Apparently it was in OC too.

But now I really should start reading French or I'll never learn anything. Je ne peux pas. The things I do instead of testreading <3

But yes, back to the book.... Byeee!!! <33

Saturday, November 24

Cinemas and dubbing


Testweek is almost over, still have two more tests left, but I think I'll manage ;)

I've got pretty good grades so far, I'm really proud of myself  *pats myself on the shoulder* Nah, but as long as I don't fail a course I'm really happy. For my parents it's another thing... They have this preassure on me to get good grades an everything, and sometimes, I just don't want to care about stuff like that. I want to care about other things, not have my entire life spinning around school.

Anyways, I don't want to go further into that, it'll just make me depressed.

I'm getting a new mattress on Thursday ^^ I'm finally getting rid of my squeaky, old thing in favor of a new better one.

Also, I was planning on watching this movie 'Hotel Transylvenia' (I know, it's very childish, but I really like children's movies... Sue me!!), but they decided not to show the original version of it here in Finland, only dubbed into Finnish or Swedish. Why would they do that? Not everybody wants to see movies dubbed! I wanted to see the original, because then you'll really see who the animations were built from. The same goes for non-animated movies, I rarely watch a movie that is dubbed, because it feels wrong.

I guess I have a fobia for that..

But they did the same with Brave! I was so angry, they only played it in Helsinki, and of course only in times I couldn't see it. And now with 'Hotel Transylvenia'? *bangs head on desk*

Anyways, I wonder what's up with 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' here in Finland, it never seems to come here. It said on a page that it would have premiere November 2nd, but it still isn't here. I'm sad because I was really looking forward to that movie. *Be agrressive, PASSIVE aggressive*

I think I should just put a song now... Let's see what I haven't posted yet...

Today's song will be 'Nothing To Lose' by Billy Talent. Because I'm not feeling to good now, and it's a good song, and it's Billy Talent. Here you go:

(I really hate when I have to put those links... maybe I should just go and change them...)

BTW, IT IS LESS THAN A FINNICKING YEAR UNTIL CATCHING FIRE COMES OUT!!! Provided that we of course escape the apocalypse, but that'll be easy, right? Right?

But yes, that will be all for now. Good night, if you are going to sleep, have a good day for those who aren't, and I'll see you some time.

Bye!!! <33

Thursday, November 22

Testweek Procrastination


So I'm on my second testweek, and I'm halfway through. I've written four tests, and have two left. But they are next week, so I can finally breath from all the reading-stress.

I have realized that I procrastinate a bit too much, perhaps. Like this period in school I said to myself that I would start reading earlier than last testweek, but did I? No. I still started reading tyhe day before. And when I read, I often get distracted by stuff. Like my tablet, or the tv, or the cats, or food, and it's just horrible.

But enough of that, more interesting stuff ahead. (I hope...)

Last week our school did the music show, and it went great! We sung the lyrics correct, and nobody were in a bad mood.

I also got picked to be in a photoshoot for my dance-school's springshow. I don't know why she picked me to be in it, but I'm not alone (thank god!).

Today's song will be 'Dance on our Graves' by Paper Route. I like this song, it has nice lyrics and it grows beautyfully.

That will be all for today, I think I'll sleep a little when I gert home from school. Might watch a little Vampire Diaries as well ;)

Byeeee!! <3

Tuesday, November 13

Post #42


Right now I'm sitting in my school's "auditorium" and have nothing to do. The school is having a concert on Thursday, and I'm singing a couple of songs with my group. My group are playing country this time, 'Every Little Thing' and 'Nine To Five' to be more precise. Everybody is really good at these rehearsals, a little more training, and it'll be perfect :)

So this is my 42nd post. As you may or may not know, 42 is the meaning of life. If you don't know, I haven't ranted about this enough...

For those who doesn't know:

A long long time ago, there were some people who were very smart, and they were wondering what the meaning of life was. So they built a computer to calculate the answer. The computer (called Deap Thought) told them to give itsome time, and come back in a million years.

So the people came back a million years later, and the computer gave them the answer: 42. The people weren't happy with that answer, but tyhe computer explained that they hadn't given it a proper question, so it built them another computer to calculate the question for them.

That computer was called Earth, and unfortunatly, it got blown up just before it was ready.

A little background story! I'm pretty sure it's not like it should be, I missed a couple of details, but for the real story, read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - series. They are really good, so hop hop!

In honor of my 42nd post, here is '42' by Coldplay.

That's all folks! Bye!! <33

Sunday, November 11

Kulturkarnevalen 2012


Just a quick note before I go to sleep :)

This weekend I was at 'Kulturkarnevalen'. This is an event for teenagers in Swedish speaking Finland. This year it was arranged at my school, so it wasn't as refreshing as the other 2 years I've gone. It almost seemed like I spent the weekend at school.... But anyhow, it was really awesome and fun!!

I had a lab called Indie Rock, so I played some music. First we did 'Wonderful' by Gary Go, and I had to play keyboard. I had said to the lableader (it sounds like he was a mad professor... he was really cool) that I had tried the piano, so he said that I would learn by playing. So first I had two chords. Then he added one other. And then another. Then another AND he gave me another keyboard. And when I had gotten into that, he added an microphone and told me to sing background vocals. So there I was, never played a serious song on piano/keyboard, playing with both hands and singing in the background. I applaud you, lableader, not many people would force me into learning that much.

Song we played:

Then the lableader thought both groups were very good (thank you, thank you) so he gave us an assignment: to write our own song in the groups. So we started. Because noone really wanted to write the lyrics, we all wrote down a few lines and then without saying which lines where whose, we chose the ones that we liked the most. Then the bassplayes, guitarist and drummer started jamming to see what would be good, and the vocalists (including me) tried to get the lyrics to work with the music. May I remind you that we did this in two days, and had to perform on the second day with the song? The performance was pretty good. None of us got all the lyrics entirely correct, there was even a time when none of us remembered a part. The music had been recorded earlier, so all we did on stage was singing and dancing. There isn't a full version yet, and even if there was, I wouldn't put it here, because a person said they didn't want to be online for everyone to see, and I totally respect that.

But anyways, it was really fun, and I had a good time :)

Testweek is soon here again,. so I should be starting to read a little... *sigh*

That was longer than I expected.. oh well.

Today's song (because I don't count the first one) will be: 'Friends With My Sister' by Now Now Every Children. This is a very beautyful song, and I almost cry everytime I hear it. I've seen them live, they were the warm-ups for Paramore, and this band was pretty good live, even though I hadn't really heard them before. Enjoy!

Now I really need to sleep.... NIghty night!!! *waves* ^^

Saturday, November 3

Halloween (a bit too late...)

Horrible Halloween!

I usually say this, because happy Halloween doesn't really work... I mean you are supposed to be scared at Halloween, not happy.

It's saturday, and here in Finland today is all hallow's day, or whatever it is called in English, I haven't really done my homework in that area... But anyway, it's the day where you remember those who have died, and perhaps you lit a candle for them. And all the stores are closed, as it's a red day in the calendar.

On Monday, I will be filmed for tv, because apparantly I agreed to be interviewed.... They are doing a reportage about the tablets we got and how/if we use them, how often, for the right reasons and was it even necessary to get those. So I am a bit nervous...

Today's song will be 'A Gorey Demise' by Creature Feature, just to get into the Halloween spirit.

Peace out!