Sunday, November 11

Kulturkarnevalen 2012


Just a quick note before I go to sleep :)

This weekend I was at 'Kulturkarnevalen'. This is an event for teenagers in Swedish speaking Finland. This year it was arranged at my school, so it wasn't as refreshing as the other 2 years I've gone. It almost seemed like I spent the weekend at school.... But anyhow, it was really awesome and fun!!

I had a lab called Indie Rock, so I played some music. First we did 'Wonderful' by Gary Go, and I had to play keyboard. I had said to the lableader (it sounds like he was a mad professor... he was really cool) that I had tried the piano, so he said that I would learn by playing. So first I had two chords. Then he added one other. And then another. Then another AND he gave me another keyboard. And when I had gotten into that, he added an microphone and told me to sing background vocals. So there I was, never played a serious song on piano/keyboard, playing with both hands and singing in the background. I applaud you, lableader, not many people would force me into learning that much.

Song we played:

Then the lableader thought both groups were very good (thank you, thank you) so he gave us an assignment: to write our own song in the groups. So we started. Because noone really wanted to write the lyrics, we all wrote down a few lines and then without saying which lines where whose, we chose the ones that we liked the most. Then the bassplayes, guitarist and drummer started jamming to see what would be good, and the vocalists (including me) tried to get the lyrics to work with the music. May I remind you that we did this in two days, and had to perform on the second day with the song? The performance was pretty good. None of us got all the lyrics entirely correct, there was even a time when none of us remembered a part. The music had been recorded earlier, so all we did on stage was singing and dancing. There isn't a full version yet, and even if there was, I wouldn't put it here, because a person said they didn't want to be online for everyone to see, and I totally respect that.

But anyways, it was really fun, and I had a good time :)

Testweek is soon here again,. so I should be starting to read a little... *sigh*

That was longer than I expected.. oh well.

Today's song (because I don't count the first one) will be: 'Friends With My Sister' by Now Now Every Children. This is a very beautyful song, and I almost cry everytime I hear it. I've seen them live, they were the warm-ups for Paramore, and this band was pretty good live, even though I hadn't really heard them before. Enjoy!

Now I really need to sleep.... NIghty night!!! *waves* ^^

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