Tuesday, November 13

Post #42


Right now I'm sitting in my school's "auditorium" and have nothing to do. The school is having a concert on Thursday, and I'm singing a couple of songs with my group. My group are playing country this time, 'Every Little Thing' and 'Nine To Five' to be more precise. Everybody is really good at these rehearsals, a little more training, and it'll be perfect :)

So this is my 42nd post. As you may or may not know, 42 is the meaning of life. If you don't know, I haven't ranted about this enough...

For those who doesn't know:

A long long time ago, there were some people who were very smart, and they were wondering what the meaning of life was. So they built a computer to calculate the answer. The computer (called Deap Thought) told them to give itsome time, and come back in a million years.

So the people came back a million years later, and the computer gave them the answer: 42. The people weren't happy with that answer, but tyhe computer explained that they hadn't given it a proper question, so it built them another computer to calculate the question for them.

That computer was called Earth, and unfortunatly, it got blown up just before it was ready.

A little background story! I'm pretty sure it's not like it should be, I missed a couple of details, but for the real story, read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - series. They are really good, so hop hop!

In honor of my 42nd post, here is '42' by Coldplay.

That's all folks! Bye!! <33

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