Tuesday, February 19

I'm a fooking Rocket Scientist


I have a week long break now, so much sleeping for me ;)

I really should be working on some projects, but I'm being really lazy. I'm just being on the internet, listening to BBC Radio 1 and being on tumblr. Also having a poke-war on Facebook, being on Skype, checking if there are any new videos on Youtube, blogging, checking Twitter, etc etc... Internet is more of an effort than other people think.

Yesterday a friend came over. We ate pie and watched Glee. It was fun.

I also saw Headhunters yesterday. It was a pretty good movie. The only confusing part was a character who spoke Norwegian with a Dutch accent, and the movie only had Finnish subtitle... Norwegian I can handle, but with an accent.... I was confuzzled.

Today's song will be 'Rocket Scientist' by Teddybears feat. Eve. Because 

(Click to play) (And yes, I made it.)
And I kind of like it. Also because I've been watching Misfits.

And that'll be all for today, you'll see me some other time.

BYEE!! <33

Saturday, February 16

Nightowl mode activated


I'm getting bad at this posting thing...

So it is past midnight again, and I'm up as usual. Next week school is off for a break, so it'll be fun. We might  have that LOTR marathon, but we'll never know... Also I shall try to sleep enought for a month, and mayhaps read a little bit Finnish for the re-writing. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, if you haven't noticed...

I have an appointment at the hairdresser on Monday. I'm going to color my hair, I'm thinking red and purple ^^

But I should start going to sleep soon, my mother came in to my room, mad at me -.-

Today's song will be 'Stand Up And Run' by Billy Talent. This music video is amazing, the band is amazing, and this song kind of reminds me of someone...

And yes, now should be the time to retire to bed...

So good night, folks, or good morning, or good day, or whatever, I don't know where you all are from.

BYEE!! <33

Sunday, February 10

Sunday scribblings


I've had quite a good weekend.

Yesterday I went shopping and later on a movie in the same building. I just bought a pair of trousers, a top and a sweatshirt, nothing really fancy.

I saw Silver Linings Playbook!! It was good, but a bit weird because I was with my sister and her boyfriend... But still good.

Today I went to a 60 year old birthday party. I hung ou with my cousins, it was okay.

I want to make a smoothie, but dad said I have to wait for my mother in case we have ice cream... *sigh*

Also, I've been meaning to start reading a book, but I can't seem to find time to do it...

But yes.

Today's song will be 'I Turn My Camera On' by Spoon. I love this song, it's quite simple, but the bass is lovely. Also I love the band name Spoon. It's so.. simple, yet genious.

And that'll be all!!

BYEE!! <33

Wednesday, February 6

Need more friends with wings


Today hasn't been so good. I'm going to leave it at that.

Today's song will be 'Nothing to Lose' by Billy Talent. I know I've put it here before, but just listen to it. Don't commit suicide, people. Just talk to some one.

Bye!! <33

Monday, February 4

Monday after weekend


I had quite a good weekend last week.

On Friday I went to see Django Unchained, and it was pretty good actually. Lots of blood of course, but also a bit funny at the same time. You did it again, mr Tarantino.

From Saturday to Sunday I went to a friend overnight. We watched Sherlock, played Guitar Hero, and watched a little Dexter. It was really fun! :D

Also I learned how to gif  >:)

(It's Leonardo Dicaprio from Django, if you didn't know. Click it!!!)

But now school has started again, so it's back to studying...

Today's song will be 'Lost Cause' by Imagine Dragons. Because dragons.

But yes, now I should do some homework instead of blogging and giffing... 

So, see ya!! <33

Friday, February 1

I'm obviously not good at this...

Wednesday:        I


I'm sitting in the basement of my danceschool. Testweek is almost over, only two tests left. Good news is that I'm second best in physics this class, bad news is that I almost failed Finnish. I'm going to rewrite that test, but it still felt weird. It's the lowest I've ever had. *nerdpowers gone*

Today has been hell. First I had to wake up at 6 am to get to school. I had my French-test, which I don't know how went. I'm hoping it went good. The food in school wasn't that good, but at least there was good bread. It's a snowstorm outside, and of course today is the only day I had to walk to dance. And I have low battery on my phone, so I can't use it, and it's the source of my internet. So this is written long before it's posted. Plus I should be studying German.

I want to go home.                                 love

Today's song will be 'Pet Sematary' by Plain White T's. It's a cover of the original by Ramones, and this version was featured in Frankenweenie.




Heheh, forgot to post yesterday. *fail*

Had to read German. I think it went pretty okay, I just hope I didn't fail.
Last test is tomorrow!!! Wooo!! But it's history, so I should start reading...

Today's song will be 'Underwater' by Mika. Because I love it, okay?

Friday (today):

I don't know what I've been doing lately. I mean, come on, three days I've tried to post here, but forgotten what I was supposed to do. Today I WILL post this. This is getting ridiculous.

TESTWEEK IS OVER!!!! *throws confetti* 

I've gotten back most tests, all but history that I wrote today. But I know the score of it, and I'm amazed. I really thought that would go bad.

But that's all in the past (except Finnish that I'll rewrite), so let's move on to the future.

Ummm... I don't have that many plans for the future... So on to the next stop!!

I changed my tumblr theme today. (What? You have a tumblr?) Yes, I have a tumblr. Link is in the box on the side or then you can click here. (Shameless self-promotion.) So follow and all that stuff. (I'm not forcing you, but it would be nice. I might follow back.)

Today's (really today's) song will be 'Falling' by Ben Kweller, because it's beautiful and I love it.

And now I shall continue drink my tea. I might go watch Django Unchained today, if I'm not too tired. I really should take a nap.

But I'm going to stop rambling now, this is getting way too long. So yeah...
BAAAII!!! <33