Saturday, December 29



Today I was supposed to wake up at 11, but guess what? My dad woke me up at 1pm... Mission failed. But it's okay, I wasn't supposed to do anything important, so I'm fine.

I'm in need of watching Scott Pilgrim vs the World... It came on TV yesterday, but I thought it was Thursday and missed it... Just my luck. I also missed Prestige... Oh, well, they'll come again. And I have Scott Pilgrim on DVD, so I can watch it any time I want >:D

Today's song will be 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. I recently (two days ago) got suggested to listen to Imagine Dragons (love the name by the way) by a nerdfighter in the Our Pants forum. I'm positively surprised by how much I love this song. I'm listening to it right now, so you should too:

That'll be all for today. Have a good continue of your life!!

BYEE!!! <33

Friday, December 28

Christmas is over....


And if you haven't realized it yet, Christmas is over, and left is only the food and feels.

But fret not, it is still some days left of the holidays!!

I got pretty good gifts this year (and yes, I know it isn't the most important about Christmas, but I'm still very excited.). I got:

  • A Sony Walkman (it flashes in beat with the music o.O high-tech)
  • Muse's 2nd Law cd (Wieeee!!)
  • A book about Muse (in Finnish... but I can look at the pictures.)
  • Many plates
  • A couple of cups
  • a bit of money
  • The Sims 3 games
  • candles
It was a really nice Christmas, I ate a lot, and I really love foood ^^

My day-rhytm is totally screwed, I woke up at 2 pm today, and it's pst midnight now, and it feels like it would be 6 pm. I'm screwed when school starts.

But I can't think of anything else to say now, so I'll just move along to today's song.

Today's song will be 'Good Morning Sunshine' by Alex Day (aka nerimon), because I've been listening to it all day. It's so joyfull and happy... And the video has many youtubers in it ;)

That'll be all for today :) Have a good morning/day/evening/night where-ever you are :)

BYEE!! <33

Saturday, December 22

My Christmas list


I now officially have Christmas break!! No school for two weeks!!

Also the Christmas celebration at school was hilarious. A lot of scetches and music was performed, and it was really lovely and funny :)

It's Christmas soon. I have a few presents to wrap, then I'll be done :)

365Nerds is beginning soon. And I'm up on the 14th of January... I'm very nervous, I haven't made a video on my own before, so this'll be interesting.

Today's song will be 'My Christmas List' by Simple Plan, because Christmas and Simple Plan. But it really is good. The lyrics are quite funny actually.

That'll be all for today, BYEE!! <33

Wednesday, December 19

P4A and Hipster Santa


Christmas is nearing... I have to pack my gifts soon. Was going to do it today, so this will only be a short one.

I'll be performing at our school's Christmas celebration. It will be a lot of Christmas songs mashed in one, with a surprising edge ;) I've been a bit ill for these past couple of days, so I haven't been able to sing so much, but I'm getting better now, hopefully I'll be restored on Friday :)

I've been working on my physics lab-raport a couple of days, and it's finally ready!! (sort of) It's not the best, but I'm happy as long as I'm not failed.

I've been watching the Project for Awesome livestream, featuring John and Hank Green (vlogbrothers), Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike) among others. The livestream is now over, but it was amazing, and they got over 440 000 dollars to give to charlity.

Today's song will be 'Hipster Santa', a musical by AVbyte, that I discovered today. It's quite nice actually, so check it out.

That'll be all :) BYEE!!! <33

Sunday, December 16

Christmas song Masterpost!!

And it's time for another masterpost by this girl... This time the theme is Christmas songs!!

I've always had a soft spot for Christmas and Christmas songs. So I thought I might as well share some of my favorite songs to listen to at Christmas. 

Train - Shake Up Christmas 

This song was featured in a Coke ad, and it's pretty happy. I really like this song, it makes me happy and giddy and stuff.

Weezer - The Christmas Song

Now this song is more depressive, but I like it too... it is Weezer. 

Coldplay - Christmas Lights

This song started playing in a shoestore last week when I was shopping. And it's funny, because I don't think I've heard it in the rado before, only online and at home. But this song is really nice and beautiful and I like Coldplay really much (if you didn't know...)


Yes... I like Futurama's X-mas songs, they are really funny and creative. My sister and I always sing this song when we have very much Christmas spirit.

Then this:

The Killers

The Killers usually make a Christmas song every year, and I think I posted Don't Shoot Me Santa earlier. So this is this year's Christmas song by The Killers. It's the same Santa as in DSMS, and I only discovered it today, but I already like it. Here you go; I Feel It In My Bones.

Mika - Let it Snow

This version of Let it Snow is really relaxing, and I really like the guitar in it, and Mika is awesome as ever. (Dedicated to my friend the Patster).

Fall Out Boy - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

This song is very ironic. But I still like how happy it seems if you don't listen to the lyrics. But the lyrics are maybe even hateful... O.o But it's still a nice song!

I think that'll be enough Christmas for now...


I have nothing to add... I've been making gingerbread?

I made a playlist with some of the songs above and a couple more on 8tracks. You could check it out here.

Otherwise... BYEE!!! <33

Christmas soon


Quick one before I go to sleep ;)

Today I went Christmas shopping, and I actually bought presents!! 10 Christmas points to me!! But I'm not going to say what I bought if any of them read this >.> But I also got myself a army-green jumper and a delicious hamburger. Day well spent!!

I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit. School ends on Friday, and then I have a two week holiday. I think I'm spending Christmas at my uncle's with my family and some closer realtives. It'll be fun, I'm sure.

Oh, and yesterday (or rather, the day before that) I bought tickets to Muse's gig in July. So yes, I'm going xD But they are really good, so at least now I know it's worth it!

I also want to see other bands, but haven't found anyone I'd like to go to for a while. Have to roam the internet when I've got money.

Today's (or tonight's) song will be 'We Used to Vacation' by Cold War Kids. It's one of my more indie-styled favorites now. Enjoy!

But I am hopping to bed now, I'll see you some other time ;) Night!! <33

Tuesday, December 11

Muse masterpost!!


Yesterday I saw Muse live in Helsinki, and I have to say it was truly amazing! :DD The show was spectacular, and they had lots of different light effects, and elevators bringing up new instruments. Their instruments had lights on them, and some screens were put up in the ceiling, and they were moving. I'm amazed.

 They had screens almost everywhere. It was all lit up and wonderful. (also sorry for bad quality, my phone has a bad camera.) This song was Animals.

Example of a instrument with lights. The part of the piano that's pointing up, was see-through. They had a lot of light effects, as I said before. I have to say this was the most spectacular show I've ever seen. This song was Explorers.

The best shot I have from the stage. It was in Hartwall Areena, and even though we had pretty good sitplaces, this is probably the best photo I have. They played Madness here, as you might see from one of the screens. The screen sometimes showed bits of lyrics, so you could sing along without making a fool of yourself ;)

This photo is from the first encore (they are so cool, that they have two). The screens (as seen in above pictures) moved down and formed a pyramid, and the members of the band were under it, and then sometime while The 2nd Law: Isolated System (this exact video) was playing, they went under the stage and re-emerged back on stage after a couple of minutes after it was done (to build the tension). 

----> Setlist

Matthew Bellamy broke his foot a short while ago, but you couldn't really see any damage. He walked around like it was nothing, and didn't even say anything about it.

I also got a shirt! Might post it later, if I so choose ;)

This gig was amazing, and I'm still in my concer-high. I want to see them again, they were really good. They are coming again this summer, I might go ;) Anyone who wants to buy me tickets? No? Okay... 


Today school seemed horrible, I had nine hours again, and I'm really tired now, I should go to sleep soon... But first I should do some homework...

We have a huge amount of snow here, it's just plain awful... I'll trade this snow for some chocolate, so if you are interested, please tell me ;)

I'll see the Hobbit tomorrow with a couple of friends :D It's going to be super!  Trailer:

Today's song are a little bit of everywhere, I've putted a few links, and the setlist has videos from all the songs they played :)

Well that'll be all for today, see you some other time!!! <33

Sunday, December 9

Muse tomorrow


Today I made our gingerbread house with help from my mother. It failed a bit, but it looks okay. (Pic on my other blog.)

Yesterday I went shopping. I was going to buy some Christmas gifts, but only got some for my father... Well that plan failed. I got myself a sweater, a top, a t-shirt, two pair of mittens and a pair of winter shoes, so it wasn't just for nothing. I'm also looking for a camera for after Christmas, but I'll see...

Tomorrow I'll see Muse!!!! I'm so excited!! I'm listening to their new album now (which I have yet to buy... feeling less of a fan now...) and it is awesome :D Matthew Bellamy still has his foot broken, but still wants to continue. That is a true man! Sticking up for his fans. Many wouldn't go to theirr regular job with a broken foot, so what he does is amazing. Hope he's not in very much pain...

Because I can't come up with anymore to say...

Today's song will be 'Liquid State' by Muse (Yes, more Muse). It's sung by their bassist, Chris Wolstenholme, and it's about his alcohol-problems... But it's good anyway, so ENJOY!!

See you some other time!! BYEE!!! <333

Thursday, December 6



Today is Finland's independence day, so I spent it at home. So I woke up at 12... Not so great, because I still have school tomorrow.

I made this year's gingerbread house design, we will have to try it soon ;) I was also disappointed in my advent calendar, I didn't get candy, but a toy... I don't want toys, I want candyyy!!!

I also dyed my hair. I'm extra ginger now.

Today's song will be 'Elvis Ain't Dead' by Scouting For Girls. I love this song, and I occasionly just listen to it to brighten my mood. ENJOY!

Short one today, but I'll be back!

BYEE!!! <33

Jack Frost


I went ot the cinema today! :D I watched The Rise of the Guardians with a couple of friends. It was in Swedish, but it didn't matter, it was good anyways :) Amazing, really. The movie mixed all different holiday characters pretty good, this girl's impressed! Trailer, if you want ;) (Jack Frost is an interesting person. I WANT A SEQUEL!)

I've had Hipster Disney Princesses in my head all day... A f@*#ing hipster...

I don't have to go to school tomorrow ^^ I'm so happy, I can spend all night at my computer, and no early morning, and no school...

Today's song will be 'A White Demon Love Song' by The Killers. It's a lovely song, and I like the way they sing in it.

That's all for today (tonight?), I'll see you guys some other time. BYEE!!! <333

Tuesday, December 4

Random Rambling about: Nothing really


I spent 9 and a half hours at school today. I'm really tired, I should just go to sleep....

But not before some random rambling for no reason at all!!!!!


(Sorry, my brain is going haywire...)

I have a free day on Thursday :D That's because it is Finland's independence day, so all stores are closed, and we get a free day from school. This year it's 95 years since we got independence. *Finnish lecture over*

I've spent more time in Our Pants, and I seem to be addicted to the site...

Oh, and somebody told me that she stalked my blog, but now I'm not sure which one she meant. But, hi there! *waves* Hope you enjoy your staying! And if you tell people you're stalking them, it isn't really stalking ;) (Or I think so... never mind me!)

It's Christmas soon, if you didn't know! I getting in the spirit by eaten tons of gingerbread and listening to a fair amount of Christmas music. I also have two advent calendars ^^ one with chocolate, and one Haribo. A reason to eat a little sweets without feeling to guilty ;)

I'm going to look like a stuffed turkey after Christmas... *sigh* Should really cut down on the food. (But it's so good...)

This period in school I almost only have languages, so lots of words and expressions and stuff... I'm going to become very confused when trying to separate the different languages...

This post is very random I noticed... Hope nobody minds...

Today's song will be 'Hipster Disney Princess - The Musical'. It's from a channel on Youtube that makes at least one musical per week. They have musicals about almost anything, and they are really awesome :D Check 'em out!

I might have gotten addicted to their musicals now too... (But at least not another 2nd law spam)

But I think that'll be enough for today. I should get some sleep soon, before I get too random...

BYEEE!!! <33

Monday, December 3

Mr Crepsley


Today I got 'Brothers to the Death', the fourth and final book in the Larten Crepsley Saga by Darren Shan. I haven't dared open it ye, I'm afraid I'll read it too fast. He's a really good author, mr Shan, he has written many good books. Adly they all don't come to Finland, so you mostly have to order them online. Mr Crepsley was (is) my favourite character in the Saga of Darren Shan.

I had a quite normal day in school today, not many serious subjects.

I shall soon open this book, but first...

Today's song is.... *drumroll*

'Follow Me' by Muse. (Yes, I'm continuing with 2nd Law.) It's a nice song, and I haven't heard anything about if they are canceling in Helsinki yet. So Yaaaaaay!!!

Did you notice that I changed the links to videos? :D I think it looks better with videos, so I'm going to change this when I'm at my computer. I should name my computer too, it must feel left out when I've named both my tablet and my phone... (they are named Tabitha and Giovannie, if yoiu weren't aware.)

But I guess that's it for today...

Byee!! *waves* <33

Sunday, December 2

Le deux Decembre


Yesterday was little Christmas (maybe you don't have it, but we kind of celebrate it here. It's not a big thing.), so happy belated little Christmas.

Also, it's December now, time for the advent calendars, because it's Christmas soon!!

Today I had a photoshoot at my dance "academy". I had fake eyelashes and lots of eyeliner, and was dressed in all black, except a yellow top. We waited for about one and a half hour before it was our time to be photographed, and the picture taking itself took only a couple of minutes. It was okay, I'm still not sure why I was chosen to be in it, but it was fun.

I also signed up for 365Nerds, a project where one person makes a vlog per day, only it's a different person each day. So now we'll see how this goes... I don't know when or what I'm going to film, but I hope it'll be fun. Like I said before, I'd like to try vlogging, but I don't know if I have the material to do so. It might work up my confidence.

I'm also trying to be more creative, so I think I'll be updating my other blog a bit more...

Today's song will be 'Don't Shoot Me Santa Claus' by The Killers, just to get the Christmas spirit ;) (actually I've had Chrstmas spirit for a long time, so it really doesn't matter for me...) Enjoy!!

Maybe I should put a Christmas song everyday until Christmas? I don't know, but there will be more of them, trust me!

Thank you and goodnight!!! <33