Thursday, December 6

Jack Frost


I went ot the cinema today! :D I watched The Rise of the Guardians with a couple of friends. It was in Swedish, but it didn't matter, it was good anyways :) Amazing, really. The movie mixed all different holiday characters pretty good, this girl's impressed! Trailer, if you want ;) (Jack Frost is an interesting person. I WANT A SEQUEL!)

I've had Hipster Disney Princesses in my head all day... A f@*#ing hipster...

I don't have to go to school tomorrow ^^ I'm so happy, I can spend all night at my computer, and no early morning, and no school...

Today's song will be 'A White Demon Love Song' by The Killers. It's a lovely song, and I like the way they sing in it.

That's all for today (tonight?), I'll see you guys some other time. BYEE!!! <333

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