Thursday, December 6



Today is Finland's independence day, so I spent it at home. So I woke up at 12... Not so great, because I still have school tomorrow.

I made this year's gingerbread house design, we will have to try it soon ;) I was also disappointed in my advent calendar, I didn't get candy, but a toy... I don't want toys, I want candyyy!!!

I also dyed my hair. I'm extra ginger now.

Today's song will be 'Elvis Ain't Dead' by Scouting For Girls. I love this song, and I occasionly just listen to it to brighten my mood. ENJOY!

Short one today, but I'll be back!

BYEE!!! <33


  1. Aaaaaw thank you so much for reminding me of Scouting for Girls! It's such an amazing band, but I'd not heard their song for a long time before you posted that song!

    By the way, Ive found you through nerdfighteria. Haha how crazy is that? :)
    Hope you're having a lovely day xx

  2. Wieee, a fellow nerdfighter! :D Hello!

    Yeah, they are an amazing band, but I sadly don't listen to them so much anymore... Time to start again!

    By the way, I checked your blog, and you seen awesome ;)xx