Monday, December 3

Mr Crepsley


Today I got 'Brothers to the Death', the fourth and final book in the Larten Crepsley Saga by Darren Shan. I haven't dared open it ye, I'm afraid I'll read it too fast. He's a really good author, mr Shan, he has written many good books. Adly they all don't come to Finland, so you mostly have to order them online. Mr Crepsley was (is) my favourite character in the Saga of Darren Shan.

I had a quite normal day in school today, not many serious subjects.

I shall soon open this book, but first...

Today's song is.... *drumroll*

'Follow Me' by Muse. (Yes, I'm continuing with 2nd Law.) It's a nice song, and I haven't heard anything about if they are canceling in Helsinki yet. So Yaaaaaay!!!

Did you notice that I changed the links to videos? :D I think it looks better with videos, so I'm going to change this when I'm at my computer. I should name my computer too, it must feel left out when I've named both my tablet and my phone... (they are named Tabitha and Giovannie, if yoiu weren't aware.)

But I guess that's it for today...

Byee!! *waves* <33

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