Sunday, December 16

Christmas soon


Quick one before I go to sleep ;)

Today I went Christmas shopping, and I actually bought presents!! 10 Christmas points to me!! But I'm not going to say what I bought if any of them read this >.> But I also got myself a army-green jumper and a delicious hamburger. Day well spent!!

I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit. School ends on Friday, and then I have a two week holiday. I think I'm spending Christmas at my uncle's with my family and some closer realtives. It'll be fun, I'm sure.

Oh, and yesterday (or rather, the day before that) I bought tickets to Muse's gig in July. So yes, I'm going xD But they are really good, so at least now I know it's worth it!

I also want to see other bands, but haven't found anyone I'd like to go to for a while. Have to roam the internet when I've got money.

Today's (or tonight's) song will be 'We Used to Vacation' by Cold War Kids. It's one of my more indie-styled favorites now. Enjoy!

But I am hopping to bed now, I'll see you some other time ;) Night!! <33

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