Tuesday, December 4

Random Rambling about: Nothing really


I spent 9 and a half hours at school today. I'm really tired, I should just go to sleep....

But not before some random rambling for no reason at all!!!!!


(Sorry, my brain is going haywire...)

I have a free day on Thursday :D That's because it is Finland's independence day, so all stores are closed, and we get a free day from school. This year it's 95 years since we got independence. *Finnish lecture over*

I've spent more time in Our Pants, and I seem to be addicted to the site...

Oh, and somebody told me that she stalked my blog, but now I'm not sure which one she meant. But, hi there! *waves* Hope you enjoy your staying! And if you tell people you're stalking them, it isn't really stalking ;) (Or I think so... never mind me!)

It's Christmas soon, if you didn't know! I getting in the spirit by eaten tons of gingerbread and listening to a fair amount of Christmas music. I also have two advent calendars ^^ one with chocolate, and one Haribo. A reason to eat a little sweets without feeling to guilty ;)

I'm going to look like a stuffed turkey after Christmas... *sigh* Should really cut down on the food. (But it's so good...)

This period in school I almost only have languages, so lots of words and expressions and stuff... I'm going to become very confused when trying to separate the different languages...

This post is very random I noticed... Hope nobody minds...

Today's song will be 'Hipster Disney Princess - The Musical'. It's from a channel on Youtube that makes at least one musical per week. They have musicals about almost anything, and they are really awesome :D Check 'em out!

I might have gotten addicted to their musicals now too... (But at least not another 2nd law spam)

But I think that'll be enough for today. I should get some sleep soon, before I get too random...

BYEEE!!! <33

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