Tuesday, December 11

Muse masterpost!!


Yesterday I saw Muse live in Helsinki, and I have to say it was truly amazing! :DD The show was spectacular, and they had lots of different light effects, and elevators bringing up new instruments. Their instruments had lights on them, and some screens were put up in the ceiling, and they were moving. I'm amazed.

 They had screens almost everywhere. It was all lit up and wonderful. (also sorry for bad quality, my phone has a bad camera.) This song was Animals.

Example of a instrument with lights. The part of the piano that's pointing up, was see-through. They had a lot of light effects, as I said before. I have to say this was the most spectacular show I've ever seen. This song was Explorers.

The best shot I have from the stage. It was in Hartwall Areena, and even though we had pretty good sitplaces, this is probably the best photo I have. They played Madness here, as you might see from one of the screens. The screen sometimes showed bits of lyrics, so you could sing along without making a fool of yourself ;)

This photo is from the first encore (they are so cool, that they have two). The screens (as seen in above pictures) moved down and formed a pyramid, and the members of the band were under it, and then sometime while The 2nd Law: Isolated System (this exact video) was playing, they went under the stage and re-emerged back on stage after a couple of minutes after it was done (to build the tension). 

----> Setlist

Matthew Bellamy broke his foot a short while ago, but you couldn't really see any damage. He walked around like it was nothing, and didn't even say anything about it.

I also got a shirt! Might post it later, if I so choose ;)

This gig was amazing, and I'm still in my concer-high. I want to see them again, they were really good. They are coming again this summer, I might go ;) Anyone who wants to buy me tickets? No? Okay... 


Today school seemed horrible, I had nine hours again, and I'm really tired now, I should go to sleep soon... But first I should do some homework...

We have a huge amount of snow here, it's just plain awful... I'll trade this snow for some chocolate, so if you are interested, please tell me ;)

I'll see the Hobbit tomorrow with a couple of friends :D It's going to be super!  Trailer:

Today's song are a little bit of everywhere, I've putted a few links, and the setlist has videos from all the songs they played :)

Well that'll be all for today, see you some other time!!! <33

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