Friday, April 26

Ready Aim Fire


I know I'm not here much often, but I don't know... sorry I guess.

I went to London. It was awesome. I went on a walk about Sherlock Holmes, and bought a few things. I also went to the Harry Potter studios, and it really was totally awesome. Just thinking about the efforts they made to make those movies makes me mind blown. I also got myself a chocolate frog.

I'm still disappointed that we don't have Malteasers here in Finland.. Can anybody make that happen? I'd be eternally grateful. Also I'd marry you, but you probably don't want to marry me, so yeah...

Testweek went okay, rewrote Finnish this week, and still haven't got it out yet. Let's just hope it went better than last time.

Today's song will be "Ready, Aim, Fire" by Imagine Dragons. It's in the movie Iron Man 3, which I haven't seen yet, but I must. Also I really love Imagine Dragons..

I think I should get sleeping soon...

But before I go, I'm going to promote a blog that I'm a part of. The other writers are really good, so check it out here!!

But yes, good bye, have a great life, don't regret stuff, smile every now and then and eat chocolate!!

BYE!! <33

Saturday, March 23



It is night again, and I'm sitting alone at my computer skypeing with the internet, and occasionally checking tumblr.

But it is getting late....

Today's song will be the theme for Doctor Who, or one of them, since there are many. I've been thinking about watching this show, but I need to continue on Supernatural first... But anyways, enjoy the awesome!

Now I shall move myself to the bed, night!!!!!!! <33

Thursday, March 21

Gifs and songs


Haven't been on much, been very busy....

I had a bad week last week, but this one is a bit better.

Also I've lost whatever school motivation I had, I can't seem to concentrate on anything, and I just want to sit by the internet and tumble, skype and watch movies.

I still like making gifs.

Sebastian <3

"From cigarettes to skinny jeans"
-Billy Talent

I've listened to some great songs lately, and thought I would share them with you.

Song #1

Paint is back!!!! He is still awesome!!! Brutal, but awesome.

Song #2

A very Potter Senior Year is here!!! I find this particular song nice, because I can see myself in it xD

Song #3

Because I can't go a day without Billy Talent, here is my all time favourite song. 

Well there you go!

It seems that I ain't dead so yaay for me ^^ and ha-ha for you, if you thought I was.

I'll try to be more here... Seriously.... But I am more active on my tumblr though.

But now I shall do some homework for once... See you later!!! <33

Saturday, March 9

Google is your friend


I'm not very active here... I'll try harder.

This week I have almost only read Finnish for my re-writings, so barely something interesting has happened to me. Dance performances are coming up, and I'm actually quite happy with my placings. I'm in second row in one dance, and third in the other. I'm surprised why my teachers want me so close to the front row...

But I need to get sleeping.

Today's song will be 'Google is You Friend -the musical' by AVbyte, because I've been listening to it lately, and also giffing it.

That'll be all.

BYEE!! <33

Friday, March 1

Can't come up with anything smart for the title...

Yes, I'm just procrastinating on this blog... I feel awful about it at times... Sorry?

I want to say that I'm busy, but that would probably be a lie. Sure, I have school and homework, but the work I do at home doesn't take that long. And yes, I have hobbies, but they don't take that long.

Truth been told, I am very lazy, and sometimes I just don't want to write about my life, and thoughts about it. You know? There are things that are best to leave in my head, how messy it may seem inside it.

Also, this blog was supposed to be a blog about music, and it has sort of turned in to a personal one instead. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.

I don't feel as free with this blog as I used to. It takes a lot of inspiration and motivation to start a writing a post. I know it shouldn't, but I wonder many times a day if I should put up something, or if it is not worth it. Even if it is just to put up a song that I like, it takes a lot to make me do it.

I'm just in that part of life when you start doubting everything. And it's messing with my head. I have no idea what I doing, or what I am going to do. School also seems uninspiring. I don't know what I want to do.

I don't even kow how many reads this, or how well I know you. But hi, and thanks for reading. It means a lot. To me. I appreciate the time and effort you put out to read my rambling, scribblings and nonsence. Even if you just accidentally popped here, you are very welcome and I really appreciate it.

Oh, and this is not a good bye, I will still be writing here, just know that doing so takes an effort for me, because I am a lazy and confused person. I won't give up on this blog just yet! I'm not that easy to get rid of ;)

Today's song will be 'Carousel' by Paper Route. It's a nice song, and I enjoy it.

Link here because Tabitha

Also, I always like new music, so feel free to suggest something!

But that'll be all for tonight.

BYEE!! <33

Tuesday, February 19

I'm a fooking Rocket Scientist


I have a week long break now, so much sleeping for me ;)

I really should be working on some projects, but I'm being really lazy. I'm just being on the internet, listening to BBC Radio 1 and being on tumblr. Also having a poke-war on Facebook, being on Skype, checking if there are any new videos on Youtube, blogging, checking Twitter, etc etc... Internet is more of an effort than other people think.

Yesterday a friend came over. We ate pie and watched Glee. It was fun.

I also saw Headhunters yesterday. It was a pretty good movie. The only confusing part was a character who spoke Norwegian with a Dutch accent, and the movie only had Finnish subtitle... Norwegian I can handle, but with an accent.... I was confuzzled.

Today's song will be 'Rocket Scientist' by Teddybears feat. Eve. Because 

(Click to play) (And yes, I made it.)
And I kind of like it. Also because I've been watching Misfits.

And that'll be all for today, you'll see me some other time.

BYEE!! <33

Saturday, February 16

Nightowl mode activated


I'm getting bad at this posting thing...

So it is past midnight again, and I'm up as usual. Next week school is off for a break, so it'll be fun. We might  have that LOTR marathon, but we'll never know... Also I shall try to sleep enought for a month, and mayhaps read a little bit Finnish for the re-writing. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, if you haven't noticed...

I have an appointment at the hairdresser on Monday. I'm going to color my hair, I'm thinking red and purple ^^

But I should start going to sleep soon, my mother came in to my room, mad at me -.-

Today's song will be 'Stand Up And Run' by Billy Talent. This music video is amazing, the band is amazing, and this song kind of reminds me of someone...

And yes, now should be the time to retire to bed...

So good night, folks, or good morning, or good day, or whatever, I don't know where you all are from.

BYEE!! <33