Thursday, March 21

Gifs and songs


Haven't been on much, been very busy....

I had a bad week last week, but this one is a bit better.

Also I've lost whatever school motivation I had, I can't seem to concentrate on anything, and I just want to sit by the internet and tumble, skype and watch movies.

I still like making gifs.

Sebastian <3

"From cigarettes to skinny jeans"
-Billy Talent

I've listened to some great songs lately, and thought I would share them with you.

Song #1

Paint is back!!!! He is still awesome!!! Brutal, but awesome.

Song #2

A very Potter Senior Year is here!!! I find this particular song nice, because I can see myself in it xD

Song #3

Because I can't go a day without Billy Talent, here is my all time favourite song. 

Well there you go!

It seems that I ain't dead so yaay for me ^^ and ha-ha for you, if you thought I was.

I'll try to be more here... Seriously.... But I am more active on my tumblr though.

But now I shall do some homework for once... See you later!!! <33

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