Thursday, August 30


Hello hello hello!! *count Olaf-styled*

It's been a while, but I had an overnight-thingy with the school, and I got home yesterday and fell asleep on the couch. Then I had to get up and get to dance-class.

I might get my paddie next week! :D

I also have my musical-presentation next week.... Fuuuu
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I'm eating candy and I feel very unhealthy :/ I really should stop... Just one more bite....

So I thought I'd just round it up and go for the song.

Today's song will be 'Sweet Transvestite' from Glee with Mercedes singing ^^ Not a good song to sing in public though, people... Anyways, ENJOI!

I was going to have 'Don't Panic', but then I realized I already had had it... Oh well...

That's it for today I think. So Good bye, I will for once not go to sleep now. It's still just evening ;)

Bye Bye <33

P.S. Apparently we're getting a kitten tomorrow... Oh well, they are cute ^^

Sunday, August 26

I can Change?


I'm going to keep it short today.

I went shopping today. Got myself a new pair of shoes and some eyeliner. And that's pretty much it :/ I'm not a very good shopper.

Today's song will be 'I Can Change' by LCD Soundsystem. I heard it in a shop today, and it stuck. (At least it's not like another song I heard in a shop... But that's another story!) So here it is!!

That's all for today, sorry for being short :/

But that's all I have to say, so see ya soon!! *sends flying kisses* BYE!! <33

Thursday, August 23

Oh Rainy Day come out


Today I'm keeping it short.

I have to find a new song to hate, since my friend took the one I was suppose to present as my least favorite :/ So now I've got to find a song I like and a song I hate...

Today was otherwise okay, a little bit to rainy, I had to drive to school in the rain :'(

So today's song will be 'Rainy Day' by Coldplay. It's a lovely song about rain, and it's really beautiful. I sing it every time it rains. I could mayhaps play this as my favorite... Mayhaps ;) ENJOY!!

That's all folks!! THanks for watching/reading/snooping around or whatever you're doing! :D

See ya!! <33

Wednesday, August 22

Surprise Surprise


I think I won't say so much today. I have to choose a headline to write an essay on. It is supposed to be in next week. It's the second week in this school, and already an essay!! Man, that's crazy :/ Better get writing then! Oh, and it's to be written by hand... Urgh!!

Anyways, I have a full day tomorrow, from 8 to a little past 15. Well, almost full day, full days are from 8 to 15.35...

I have two weeks to find my favorite song. I have found something that could be close ;)

And that will be today's song!! :D 'Surprise Surprise' by Billy Talent!! I'm telling you, they keep getting better and better. And that's not easy, all their stuff is great! I still regret not whining to my parents to go see them this summer... But it was far away on a festival, so they wouldn't let me :/

But anyways, here it is: the new song by the awesome band Billy Talent: SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

I realized I haven't posted any songs by them at all :O I'm going to start from this moment on. They are amazing after all.

Any boo, back to last minute homework and soon-enough-sleep.

Bye bye, nighty night and all that! :D

SEE YA!!! <33

Monday, August 20

Lion King Madness??? xDD Just kidding...


So this is what I do when I should read my psychology homework... Sorry Mom!!

I'm not going to write much today, have to read read read read... So much stress in upper secondary school -.-
(The exchange student from America had Art with me today, and I drew a Mockingjay to my cover, and he asked if he should call me Katniss, and I said that I'm more of a Peeta (my HG name). My friend laughed at us.)<---
So today's songs (because I can't choose!) are

1:       'Hakuna Matata'. I watched it today because a friend linked it to me. It's a good, funny song from the amazing movie 'the Lion King'. One of the best Disney-movies in this world! :D
So Enjoy!!!

2:       'Madness' by Muse. NEW SONG, EVERYBODY!!! It's kind of different from their earlier ones, but hey, it's Muse, they change a lot over the years. Thirteen years since the first album. New one coming up. They sure have been here many years, and are still going strong! :D So here it is:

That's all I have for today, have to go read Psychology ;) (btw, how is it spelled? I have no idea and am too lazy to Google Translate xD)

Yeah... So BYE BYE!!! *sends air-kisses*

Sunday, August 19

Some Hunger Games related stuff today


I saw the Hunger Games for the first time on DVD yesterday. It was amazing as usual. Did I mention that I saw it twice in cinema? Well, nerdy as I am, I did. :D

Still over a year to Catching Fire... A long long time until it's here. Maybe we never even get to see it? If the world really ends in December? At least I got to see Muse...

BUT I HAVE TO SEE FINNICK BEFORE I DIE!!!  know I'm not the greatest fan fot Sam Claflin as Finnick, but I'm sure he'll surprise me positively on screen.  I have big expectations for you, mister!!!

I thought I'd do something different today. I have recently realized that I have loads of covers and parodys on my ancient mp3-player. And I'm not ashamed no. I really like covers and parodys often, that's why I have them there.

But I've also realized that I have three Britney Spears covers/parodys, but none by the singer herself. Huh.

So today, my fellow friends, I will present to you the three Britney covers.

Number 1: Womanizer

This cover is from the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand (thanks to who I got a grade better in history for knowing their name). I've had it for a while, and still I listen to it every time it shows up on my playlist. They are otherwise also a pretty good band.

Number 2: Toxic

This cover is made by Mark Ronson featuring Tiggers. Mark Ronson is also from the UK, and he is not singing in this song. In fact he rarely sings in his songs, he has other people doing it. But he still makes good music, so that's why I listen to him. (I could also mention that Glee did a version of this song in Britney/Brittany along with other Britney Spears songs, but I don't have them... I have the entire season 2 though >:) )

Number 3: I Wanna Go

This is a parody. It's a Hunger Games parody. Starring Gale and Peeta trying to win Katniss over. It's quite funny, and me and a couple of my friends has an inside-thing with it (and I'm Peeta btw ;) I'm Peeta and I know it!!). Yeah, just watch it...

That's it for today for cover/parody presentations!! Maybe I should do it more often? I don't know, you decide! :D

Whoa, this is a long post! I think I'll leave now... I'll be back someday, hopefully tomorrow after school.

Well bye!!! <33 And remember:

Saturday, August 18

Songs, snails and everything

Hey guys! (Is it weird that I say 'guys', when I'm a girl? I heard that from somebody, but I don't know...TELL ME!!)

I've been kind of busy lately with school :/ It's not serious yet, but it'll soon be, so I better get prepared. We haven't got our paddies yet either... Now I have to buy notebooks! It's a pain dragging my bag all day, especially when I have a lot of books... We could just download them on the paddie and have less to drag around for the entire day! *sigh*

I have very long days, almost full days every day. If I take choosable music I might have to be in school until 5 or 6 in the evening... THAT IS 10 HOURS IN SCHOOL!!! But I like music...

Oh, and in obligatory music, I have an assignment that first I have to present a musical  (I got 'Chess'. Never heard of it.) then I have to present my favorite song and my least favorite song. So the problem is not the musical - that's just googling it, watch a few clips of it and write something kind of good - or the least favorite song, because I have a song that I really really hate; but it's the favorite song. I don't know my favorite song. I have many that I love and really like, but not one that stands higher than the rest. So I have two and a half weeks to figure out which lucky song to be selected as my personal favorite. It feels like I'm choosing between my chilfren, even if I haven't made the songs myself. Damn, I'm weird!

I dreamt there were snails in my bed... That was really creepy and confusing. What does that even mean??

There was something I was going to say, but I forgot it...

Hunger Games is released as DVD and Blu-ray today, I suggest you get it, it is one of my favorite movies of all time :) Even if I enjoyed the books a lot too. More than the film. I'm still waiting for Cathing Fire in November 2013. Finnick <33 *dies*

I've been watchin Vlogbrothers for a week now maybe? They are really good, and I feel less nerdy when I watch them, they are smarter and nerdy-er than me :S I thought that wasn't possible, but apparantly it was...

What was I more going to say...?

Sorry if I don't post much, but school has to come first if I want to graduate with a good grade.

Today's song is a mash-up, medley thing. It's from three songs: 'Drops of Jupiter', 'I'm yours' and 'The Edge of Glory', by the talented Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga and Train. Although this song is performed by Jon Cozart, or 'Paint' as he is on Youtube. He is really talented and I've had this song in my head all day long. So, ENJOY!

(I love his facial expressions <33)

I thnk I'm done for today. I hope I'll be able to post more often, I don't know. At least maybe on weekends when I'm not doing anything.

So, goodbye for now, and I'll see you around? *waves* BYE!!! <33

Tuesday, August 14



So school has now started. Today was the first day.

My alarm (also my magnificent phone) decided to make some noise 40 minutes before it was supposed to go off. So I woke up 07.20 instead of 08.00. But I lied in bed until 07.55 so it wasn't maybe that bad? Still... 40 minutes of preciuos sleep, gone forever. :'(

Then I took a loooong looong shower.

And then I got to school five minutes later than planned :/ oops... But I was on time to the assembly-thingy. That's a plus.

My new class is awesome. I'm starting a new school (in the same building as last one, because that's how small this town is!) so here we don't have different "classes", but are in random groups depending on what courses you choose. Interesting fact about my life!!

My main group contains most of my friends, and also a exchange student from USA. He seems nice.

I got my books today, so no more panicing about that. I still need notebooks and a ruler, but I'll get that later. I'll just write on papers for now. We didn't get our "iPads" today... Turns out they aren't even iPads, just Samsung copies. I don't mind, I'm cool with anything. I would have been cool with nothing, but a pad of any kind is a nice plus.

I'm going to round it up here now, more news about the exciting world of school in future posts!

Today's song will be 'Going Back to Hogwarts' from the musical A Very Potter Musical. Darren Criss, aka Blaine Anderson is in it, he is Harry freakin' Potter, so check it out, it is entirely on Youtube. It's because I went back to school... Does that explain it enough? Yes? No? Well, I'm not writing more, even though it is a brilliant musical and song.

I know, it is almost 10 minutes, but it's hilarious, and totally worth it!!

Yeah, I'm in need of sleep right now, I have a terrible headache :/

So goodnight from me, and see ya later? Sure hope so :)

xoxo <33

Sunday, August 12

Blueberries are yummy. But that's not what this is about, is it?

Hey!! :D

I haven't been able to write for a couple of days, been doing stuff. Wednesday to Thursday I was camping on my yard with two of my friends. It was fun, cozy even. We were up til like four in the morning... Not such a good idea this near schoolstart. Friday I went to see Ted, the movie about the living teddybear? Heard of it? Mayhaps. It was quite good :D Check it out ;)

Today I haven't done much, some chores, I baked blueberrypie, went to the gym, watched the Olympics (to check out the guys, of course ;) Why else do you watch it for? Sports, you say? Riiiiight...). Not much as I said.

School starts on Tuesday. I don't have any books. I'm a little screwed, but I think I'll manage. Hopefully. I'll get an iPad, so that's a plus :D *happy dance*

I'll think I wrap it up soon, so on with the show!!!

today's song will be 'Lisztomania' by Phoenix. (Probably the hardest song title to write ever!! Mayhaps, mayhaps not.) It's in my head from time to time, proof of my very random taste in music. I like this song, even if I believe I'll never learn the lyrics... *sigh* Well anyways, ENJOY!

They are French by the way. I'm starting with French this year, that's a lovely experience (we'll see!)

Any boo, I'll be going now, have to learn to go to sleep at the right time again *sigh* After all, school starts on Tuesday... AAARRRRGGHHH!!!! (<---- I'm screaming in pink!! :D )

Yeah, Good night!! <33 *waves*

Wednesday, August 8

Camping today!!

Hello! :D

Today I'm going to camp with two of my friends... on my yard. Not so exciting, eh? But I'm sure it'll be fun! We always have fun ;) (I'm going to ignore how dirty that sounded.)

We are going to squeeze inside a tent and hope it won't rain.

We also had plans to camp near a ruin, but I don't think that will happen... It would be fun though. At least if it was on Halloween >:) But it will probably be to cold...

I'm not feeling to inspired to write today :/ At least I'm posting...

Today's song will be 'Kryptonite' by 3 Doors Down. It's about Superman (surprice surprice) and I really like it :) A couple of my friends saw them live... I'm a little bit jelly...

Anyways, ENJOY!!! :D

I'll go now. See ya soon ( I hope) BYE BYE!!! *waves and blows kisses* <33

Monday, August 6

We are young. We are strong. We're not looking for where we belong. We're not cool. We are free. And we're running with blood on our knees.

Yo yo yo!

Had a quite busy weekend, that's why I'm only posting now.

I'm going to be quick, because I should go to sleep now, have to wake up at 10 tomorrow :/

Today's song will be.... *drumroll* 'Kick Ass' by Mika. It's in the movie Kick Ass too (surprice surprice). It's a good movie, check it out ;)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! :D

Have to say this... It has apparently become clear that Sam Claflin is playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. I mean... He doesn't look like Finnick! He's the 'priest' from Pirates of the Caribbean. (Or so we call him among my friends.) Sure he looks good, but I don't think of him as Finnick... Sorry, dude!! My personal pick would be Jake Abel. *drools a bit*

Oh, yeah, supposed to sleep here...

Well, see you guys later! :D Bye byee!!! *waves while sending kisses* <33

Friday, August 3

Guess who'll see Glee today? ;P

Hi! :D

I've been a little busy lately, that's why I don't post every day like the title says...

Today I'll be having a Glee season 2 marathon with my friend, she's also my brother ;) (I'm Ginny, she's Ron) It'll be fun :D

So she'll be here any minute now, so I'll be quick; today's song will be from Glee! 'When I Get You Alone' sung by Blaine Anderson, played by Darren Criss. Enjoy! ^^

Well, that's all for today! Make sure to stop by another time!! See ya!!

Byee!! <33

Wednesday, August 1

School-in-two-weeks angst

Helluu!! :D

Today I haven't done anything, so I don't know what to say...

I've been watching 'Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds' all day long... I need a life.

School starts in two weeks... TWO WEEKS??!! I know, it's horrible, I don't want to :/ But I guess I'll see most of my friends. That's a good thing. I'm also starting a new school. Well, new and new, it's in the same building as the last one. That's how it is when you don't live in a big city ;) But still... I feel old... I know I'm 16 but still...

This post is going to be short, because I can't concentrate on writing here xD

Today's song is 'Addictive' by Royal Republic (their name doesn't make sence, that's a reason why I love them). The song is playing at "I'm a addic-dic-dic-dic-ted to you", making it sound like "I'm a dick dick dick to you". Just like Simple Plan's song 'Addicted' (I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you) (On concert Pierre touched his groin while singing. They have to come back... I wanted them to play 'what's new Scooby Doo' but they didn't.) Coincidence or what?

Anyways, back to the song. It's quite different from their former songs. It's not as.. aggressive as the others. But I still like it, so here it is:

I'm going now, Baai baaai!!! <33