Tuesday, August 14



So school has now started. Today was the first day.

My alarm (also my magnificent phone) decided to make some noise 40 minutes before it was supposed to go off. So I woke up 07.20 instead of 08.00. But I lied in bed until 07.55 so it wasn't maybe that bad? Still... 40 minutes of preciuos sleep, gone forever. :'(

Then I took a loooong looong shower.

And then I got to school five minutes later than planned :/ oops... But I was on time to the assembly-thingy. That's a plus.

My new class is awesome. I'm starting a new school (in the same building as last one, because that's how small this town is!) so here we don't have different "classes", but are in random groups depending on what courses you choose. Interesting fact about my life!!

My main group contains most of my friends, and also a exchange student from USA. He seems nice.

I got my books today, so no more panicing about that. I still need notebooks and a ruler, but I'll get that later. I'll just write on papers for now. We didn't get our "iPads" today... Turns out they aren't even iPads, just Samsung copies. I don't mind, I'm cool with anything. I would have been cool with nothing, but a pad of any kind is a nice plus.

I'm going to round it up here now, more news about the exciting world of school in future posts!

Today's song will be 'Going Back to Hogwarts' from the musical A Very Potter Musical. Darren Criss, aka Blaine Anderson is in it, he is Harry freakin' Potter, so check it out, it is entirely on Youtube. It's because I went back to school... Does that explain it enough? Yes? No? Well, I'm not writing more, even though it is a brilliant musical and song.

I know, it is almost 10 minutes, but it's hilarious, and totally worth it!!

Yeah, I'm in need of sleep right now, I have a terrible headache :/

So goodnight from me, and see ya later? Sure hope so :)

xoxo <33

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