Monday, August 20

Lion King Madness??? xDD Just kidding...


So this is what I do when I should read my psychology homework... Sorry Mom!!

I'm not going to write much today, have to read read read read... So much stress in upper secondary school -.-
(The exchange student from America had Art with me today, and I drew a Mockingjay to my cover, and he asked if he should call me Katniss, and I said that I'm more of a Peeta (my HG name). My friend laughed at us.)<---
So today's songs (because I can't choose!) are

1:       'Hakuna Matata'. I watched it today because a friend linked it to me. It's a good, funny song from the amazing movie 'the Lion King'. One of the best Disney-movies in this world! :D
So Enjoy!!!

2:       'Madness' by Muse. NEW SONG, EVERYBODY!!! It's kind of different from their earlier ones, but hey, it's Muse, they change a lot over the years. Thirteen years since the first album. New one coming up. They sure have been here many years, and are still going strong! :D So here it is:

That's all I have for today, have to go read Psychology ;) (btw, how is it spelled? I have no idea and am too lazy to Google Translate xD)

Yeah... So BYE BYE!!! *sends air-kisses*

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