Sunday, August 12

Blueberries are yummy. But that's not what this is about, is it?

Hey!! :D

I haven't been able to write for a couple of days, been doing stuff. Wednesday to Thursday I was camping on my yard with two of my friends. It was fun, cozy even. We were up til like four in the morning... Not such a good idea this near schoolstart. Friday I went to see Ted, the movie about the living teddybear? Heard of it? Mayhaps. It was quite good :D Check it out ;)

Today I haven't done much, some chores, I baked blueberrypie, went to the gym, watched the Olympics (to check out the guys, of course ;) Why else do you watch it for? Sports, you say? Riiiiight...). Not much as I said.

School starts on Tuesday. I don't have any books. I'm a little screwed, but I think I'll manage. Hopefully. I'll get an iPad, so that's a plus :D *happy dance*

I'll think I wrap it up soon, so on with the show!!!

today's song will be 'Lisztomania' by Phoenix. (Probably the hardest song title to write ever!! Mayhaps, mayhaps not.) It's in my head from time to time, proof of my very random taste in music. I like this song, even if I believe I'll never learn the lyrics... *sigh* Well anyways, ENJOY!

They are French by the way. I'm starting with French this year, that's a lovely experience (we'll see!)

Any boo, I'll be going now, have to learn to go to sleep at the right time again *sigh* After all, school starts on Tuesday... AAARRRRGGHHH!!!! (<---- I'm screaming in pink!! :D )

Yeah, Good night!! <33 *waves*

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