Tuesday, February 19

I'm a fooking Rocket Scientist


I have a week long break now, so much sleeping for me ;)

I really should be working on some projects, but I'm being really lazy. I'm just being on the internet, listening to BBC Radio 1 and being on tumblr. Also having a poke-war on Facebook, being on Skype, checking if there are any new videos on Youtube, blogging, checking Twitter, etc etc... Internet is more of an effort than other people think.

Yesterday a friend came over. We ate pie and watched Glee. It was fun.

I also saw Headhunters yesterday. It was a pretty good movie. The only confusing part was a character who spoke Norwegian with a Dutch accent, and the movie only had Finnish subtitle... Norwegian I can handle, but with an accent.... I was confuzzled.

Today's song will be 'Rocket Scientist' by Teddybears feat. Eve. Because 

(Click to play) (And yes, I made it.)
And I kind of like it. Also because I've been watching Misfits.

And that'll be all for today, you'll see me some other time.

BYEE!! <33

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