Monday, February 4

Monday after weekend


I had quite a good weekend last week.

On Friday I went to see Django Unchained, and it was pretty good actually. Lots of blood of course, but also a bit funny at the same time. You did it again, mr Tarantino.

From Saturday to Sunday I went to a friend overnight. We watched Sherlock, played Guitar Hero, and watched a little Dexter. It was really fun! :D

Also I learned how to gif  >:)

(It's Leonardo Dicaprio from Django, if you didn't know. Click it!!!)

But now school has started again, so it's back to studying...

Today's song will be 'Lost Cause' by Imagine Dragons. Because dragons.

But yes, now I should do some homework instead of blogging and giffing... 

So, see ya!! <33

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