Friday, February 1

I'm obviously not good at this...

Wednesday:        I


I'm sitting in the basement of my danceschool. Testweek is almost over, only two tests left. Good news is that I'm second best in physics this class, bad news is that I almost failed Finnish. I'm going to rewrite that test, but it still felt weird. It's the lowest I've ever had. *nerdpowers gone*

Today has been hell. First I had to wake up at 6 am to get to school. I had my French-test, which I don't know how went. I'm hoping it went good. The food in school wasn't that good, but at least there was good bread. It's a snowstorm outside, and of course today is the only day I had to walk to dance. And I have low battery on my phone, so I can't use it, and it's the source of my internet. So this is written long before it's posted. Plus I should be studying German.

I want to go home.                                 love

Today's song will be 'Pet Sematary' by Plain White T's. It's a cover of the original by Ramones, and this version was featured in Frankenweenie.




Heheh, forgot to post yesterday. *fail*

Had to read German. I think it went pretty okay, I just hope I didn't fail.
Last test is tomorrow!!! Wooo!! But it's history, so I should start reading...

Today's song will be 'Underwater' by Mika. Because I love it, okay?

Friday (today):

I don't know what I've been doing lately. I mean, come on, three days I've tried to post here, but forgotten what I was supposed to do. Today I WILL post this. This is getting ridiculous.

TESTWEEK IS OVER!!!! *throws confetti* 

I've gotten back most tests, all but history that I wrote today. But I know the score of it, and I'm amazed. I really thought that would go bad.

But that's all in the past (except Finnish that I'll rewrite), so let's move on to the future.

Ummm... I don't have that many plans for the future... So on to the next stop!!

I changed my tumblr theme today. (What? You have a tumblr?) Yes, I have a tumblr. Link is in the box on the side or then you can click here. (Shameless self-promotion.) So follow and all that stuff. (I'm not forcing you, but it would be nice. I might follow back.)

Today's (really today's) song will be 'Falling' by Ben Kweller, because it's beautiful and I love it.

And now I shall continue drink my tea. I might go watch Django Unchained today, if I'm not too tired. I really should take a nap.

But I'm going to stop rambling now, this is getting way too long. So yeah...
BAAAII!!! <33

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