Sunday, December 9

Muse tomorrow


Today I made our gingerbread house with help from my mother. It failed a bit, but it looks okay. (Pic on my other blog.)

Yesterday I went shopping. I was going to buy some Christmas gifts, but only got some for my father... Well that plan failed. I got myself a sweater, a top, a t-shirt, two pair of mittens and a pair of winter shoes, so it wasn't just for nothing. I'm also looking for a camera for after Christmas, but I'll see...

Tomorrow I'll see Muse!!!! I'm so excited!! I'm listening to their new album now (which I have yet to buy... feeling less of a fan now...) and it is awesome :D Matthew Bellamy still has his foot broken, but still wants to continue. That is a true man! Sticking up for his fans. Many wouldn't go to theirr regular job with a broken foot, so what he does is amazing. Hope he's not in very much pain...

Because I can't come up with anymore to say...

Today's song will be 'Liquid State' by Muse (Yes, more Muse). It's sung by their bassist, Chris Wolstenholme, and it's about his alcohol-problems... But it's good anyway, so ENJOY!!

See you some other time!! BYEE!!! <333

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