Saturday, November 3

Halloween (a bit too late...)

Horrible Halloween!

I usually say this, because happy Halloween doesn't really work... I mean you are supposed to be scared at Halloween, not happy.

It's saturday, and here in Finland today is all hallow's day, or whatever it is called in English, I haven't really done my homework in that area... But anyway, it's the day where you remember those who have died, and perhaps you lit a candle for them. And all the stores are closed, as it's a red day in the calendar.

On Monday, I will be filmed for tv, because apparantly I agreed to be interviewed.... They are doing a reportage about the tablets we got and how/if we use them, how often, for the right reasons and was it even necessary to get those. So I am a bit nervous...

Today's song will be 'A Gorey Demise' by Creature Feature, just to get into the Halloween spirit.

Peace out!

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