Saturday, November 24

Cinemas and dubbing


Testweek is almost over, still have two more tests left, but I think I'll manage ;)

I've got pretty good grades so far, I'm really proud of myself  *pats myself on the shoulder* Nah, but as long as I don't fail a course I'm really happy. For my parents it's another thing... They have this preassure on me to get good grades an everything, and sometimes, I just don't want to care about stuff like that. I want to care about other things, not have my entire life spinning around school.

Anyways, I don't want to go further into that, it'll just make me depressed.

I'm getting a new mattress on Thursday ^^ I'm finally getting rid of my squeaky, old thing in favor of a new better one.

Also, I was planning on watching this movie 'Hotel Transylvenia' (I know, it's very childish, but I really like children's movies... Sue me!!), but they decided not to show the original version of it here in Finland, only dubbed into Finnish or Swedish. Why would they do that? Not everybody wants to see movies dubbed! I wanted to see the original, because then you'll really see who the animations were built from. The same goes for non-animated movies, I rarely watch a movie that is dubbed, because it feels wrong.

I guess I have a fobia for that..

But they did the same with Brave! I was so angry, they only played it in Helsinki, and of course only in times I couldn't see it. And now with 'Hotel Transylvenia'? *bangs head on desk*

Anyways, I wonder what's up with 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' here in Finland, it never seems to come here. It said on a page that it would have premiere November 2nd, but it still isn't here. I'm sad because I was really looking forward to that movie. *Be agrressive, PASSIVE aggressive*

I think I should just put a song now... Let's see what I haven't posted yet...

Today's song will be 'Nothing To Lose' by Billy Talent. Because I'm not feeling to good now, and it's a good song, and it's Billy Talent. Here you go:

(I really hate when I have to put those links... maybe I should just go and change them...)

BTW, IT IS LESS THAN A FINNICKING YEAR UNTIL CATCHING FIRE COMES OUT!!! Provided that we of course escape the apocalypse, but that'll be easy, right? Right?

But yes, that will be all for now. Good night, if you are going to sleep, have a good day for those who aren't, and I'll see you some time.

Bye!!! <33

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