Thursday, November 22

Testweek Procrastination


So I'm on my second testweek, and I'm halfway through. I've written four tests, and have two left. But they are next week, so I can finally breath from all the reading-stress.

I have realized that I procrastinate a bit too much, perhaps. Like this period in school I said to myself that I would start reading earlier than last testweek, but did I? No. I still started reading tyhe day before. And when I read, I often get distracted by stuff. Like my tablet, or the tv, or the cats, or food, and it's just horrible.

But enough of that, more interesting stuff ahead. (I hope...)

Last week our school did the music show, and it went great! We sung the lyrics correct, and nobody were in a bad mood.

I also got picked to be in a photoshoot for my dance-school's springshow. I don't know why she picked me to be in it, but I'm not alone (thank god!).

Today's song will be 'Dance on our Graves' by Paper Route. I like this song, it has nice lyrics and it grows beautyfully.

That will be all for today, I think I'll sleep a little when I gert home from school. Might watch a little Vampire Diaries as well ;)

Byeeee!! <3

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