Monday, November 26



Testweek is almost over - only one test left! Unless I fail one, and have to re-write it... But let's not think about that.

Speaking of testweek, I should start reading... A quick post first.

I went shopping yesterday. It was kind of spontaneous (or how the hell you spell it), since I just told my mother that we need to get shopping someday, and she said 'Let's go now'. So we went for a quick shopping at Iso Omena. I bought make up, and also got a movie. But I tried to find a black sweater, but no store had one that I wanted. I guess I was a little too critical on them... But it had to match my neon-yellow trousers.

I recently discovered 8tracks. It's a site where you can listen to other people's playlists, and perhaps make your own. And yes, now I'm addicted to that page and am listening to it now. But it better than Youtube on my tablet, because you can do other stuff on the tablet while you are listening, instead of just watching videos when you are on Youtube. But it's only music on 8tracks, no videos.

I also updated my second blog, it looks nicer now. I also posted some drawings.

Today's song will be 'The Way We Get By' by Spoon. (Yes, I discovered it on 8tracks.) But it is a nice song, and it feels good. I've become a little more indie lately.

Just a way to show off my variating taste in music. Apparently it was in OC too.

But now I really should start reading French or I'll never learn anything. Je ne peux pas. The things I do instead of testreading <3

But yes, back to the book.... Byeee!!! <33

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