Thursday, November 29

Testweek over!!!



Well, actually the day before yesterday, but I was too lazy to post >.>

Testweek went well, got okay grades, I don't think I'll rewrite any tests.

I also went to speak to the principle about getting a course for Kulturkarnevalen, but he said I have to do a project or something to fill up the hours that needs to be done to get a course. So my music-teacher have to come up with something that I can do. (I hope it's not this period, I have no gap hours :'( ) But she doesn't have much time to plan anything individually for me, so we'll see when I do the project.

I'm also spending a ridiculous time in Our Pants. TIME WELL SPENT! DFTBA!!!!

I shall try to post quite regularly, seeing as all my hobbies are ending for the holidays (which is almost a month away.) So you might read me here more often! (If anyone does that, I'm not sure... Hello?)

Today's song will be 'Supremacy' by Muse. Because guys... It is less than two weeks until they are here in Helsinki!! I'm so Finnicking excited!

I should get the CD...

But here it is: SUPREMACY

Someone commented on Youtube that it should have become a Bond song... I agree.

Well, that's all we got here on singinginmyroom, I'll see you guys soon! (Or I won't see you, but you get my point!)

BYEE!! <33

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