Friday, July 13

Friday the 13th

Hello!! :D

So today is, as you all should know, Friday the 13th. The unlucky day. Well so far I haven't felt any unlucky. I've eaten strawberry's and soon I'll get cake ^^ Because it's my father's birthday today!


(They skipped my house!! Slytherin!!! On Pottermore at least. Gaaaah!! We even won the housecup!!!)            (<----- look! Green!!!)

Any boo, on Wednesday I went to the amusement park, like I said earlier. And yesterday I had to tidy my room, so I had no time to post :/

But today I have a little before any guests arrive ^^ Hihih, YAAAY!!!

So as I'm wondering about what song to do today, I'm looking on my favourite site Youtube!! And I'm looking on my 'history' (or whatever it is in English, I just quickly translated) and about a quarter of the videos there are from Coldplay, a few My Darkest Days songs, a couple of random videos and clips, and the rest is charlieissocoollike videos...

OMG, he's so funny!!! (Feeling like a crazy fangirl....) A friend and I have a few insides about his videos. It started when she came over and we where on Youtube and looking at random videos. Then we clicked on a link to 'My American Accent' and we tried to copy his way of speaking in it. And when it was over, we were laughing. So after a while she said 'Squirrel' and clicked on a random part in the video. And in that exact moment, he said 'Squirrel'. This made us laugh even more, altough it was kind of creepy.

Another moment was when we sat in the car on the way to another friend and talked about the 'squirrel'-incident. We had been seeing more of Charlie's videos after that, and we were quoting them a bit along the way. And at one moment we both looked at each other and said at the exact same time: "This week in 'This week in'".

We laughed all the way to our friend's, and whenever the subject turns up, we still do.

Aah, I love my weird inside jokes with my random friends :') Love you guys!! <3 *RANDOM-POWER!!!*

Now I should go get myself ready in case of any early guests. So today's song will be 'Eyes Wide Open' by Gotye (How do you pronounce his name? Someone tell me!!!) just because I have been repeated it on Youtube today. I still love it though! <3 ^^

I'll be going now!!

Bye Bye!!!

*hugs and kisses*

Byeeee!! *waving and jumping*

See you soon!!!

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