Wednesday, July 4


Ola!! :D

Today I woke up at 10 am, that is really early for me in summers. If nobody wakes me up, I could be asleep until three in the afternoon... Not that good, huh. I mean, at schooldays I had to wake up at seven in the morning, so had time to shower before school, but in autumn (or fall, if that's how you say it) I start in a new school, where school usually starts at eight in the morning... Arrgh!!

Any hoo, I went shopping today with a few friends, and all I bought was a pair of sunglasses (they are yellow!!). Of course I didn't have that much money with me, since I'm practically poor. But I usually I buy more than that anyways... So I'm a little disappointed in myself, but a little happy too; now I have a couple of euros for other stuff this summer! Woopiedoo!! ^^

And I didn't find Absolution either... *sigh*

I decided to dedicate today's song to my new sunglasses. Welcome to the family, new guy. Hope the other sunglasses let you be friends with them! (You'll never know!!)

Sooo... Today's song is 'Yellow' by Coldplay. (Guess you didn't see that one coming ;) ) Enjoy!!

(Okay, this was really creepy!!! Just when I wrote that the song was 'Yellow', that exact song came on my playlist! :O I'm still a little freaked out...)

I'm sorry that I've only had a little older songs on here, but they seemed to fit... Hopefully I can put some newer songs soon, we'll see...

So, that's it for today! Thank you for reading, and I'll see you soon!!! :D

Baai baai!!! *hugs and kisses*

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