Tuesday, July 3

New Records

Hello there!! :D

So I went to the cinema today. To see Ice Age 4.

Yes, I'm 16 and I like movies for children.

Eh, who am I kidding... I LOVE them!! Well, many of them, at least...

Anyways, the movie was really good, you should just go away and see it. Hop hop!!

What I was going to say was, that before the movie started, I went shopping with my family. So while my mother and sister were looking for shoes, me and my father went looking for records.

And this resulted in me buying CDs. Three to be exact.

Coldplay - Parachutes
Muse - Showbiz
Muse - Origin of Symmetry

Yes, only older ones. From the beginning of this millenia. Or Showbiz is actually from 1999, but it's close... Right?

And I just realized that both Muse and Coldplay are two quite famous bands from the UK...

From my little shopping spree, I now have all Coldplay albums, and all muse albums except Absolution (which I'm still searching for!).

So today's song is 'Feeling Good' by Muse. It is actually a cover, the original being on a musical and sung by Cy Grant. This cover was actually voted the best cover of all time in 2010, which I think is amazing!

So with that, I'm leaving you here. Woah! It's past one again?? I really should begin to go to sleep a little earlier.... Nah, just a few more hours ;)

I'm saying, Good Night for me, and I'll see you some other time! <33

P.S. I'm going to see Muse when they come here to Finland in December!! :D YAAAY!!! I'm so excited!! And I just can't hide it!! YEah... Night!! <3

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