Monday, July 2

Presentation and stuff


Hello there, little one!! Yes, I'm speaking to you. Well, it's nice to see you found your way here!! :D heheh...

Well... Let's get started!

On this particular blog I'm planning to present a song every day (we'll see if i can make that happen). This song, as you can see in the description, could be a song that I think suits in my life at the moment. Or it could be a song that I somehow find amusing or sad, or any other feeling that might exist in this world. Or it could be a song that I just like. Dot.  (Or love, but I didn't say that.)

My taste in music is... variating. I like a lot of different stiles, like pop, punk, rock, alternative, any of those combined, and I've even found myself listening to classical music.

Classical music, you might say. That's only for old and/or boring people.

Well, that's what I thought not so long ago. (And I have to point out that I am 16... I can't say if I'm boring or not, you'll have to figure it out yourself!) But as you may have realized is that a  lot of movies have some sort of classical soundtracks. I myself like to listen to soundtracks. They can be calming and soothing, or building up the battlescene.

Yeah, I'm not going to rant about that all day today... Or tonight, since it's past twelve here... Or past one to be more exact...

But as I've said before, I hope that I can put up a song every day, but that might not for some reason not happen. But I swear on my own feet, I'll try at least. It's the best I can do. So I'm trying.

My name here is Cherry, and I'm from the little nordic land called Finland. (Yeah, not so exotic...) The songs I present can be old, new, weird, good, bad or really really random. But in my defence, I have a really weird taste in music. I mean, my own parents laugh at me sometimes. But I'm okay with it, because I couldn't stand life without music! Or food.... I love food... But that's not what this is about, so that's another story.

Feel free to ask anything, I will gladly answer. (Most, at least... I'll try my best!!) If you don't like the songs, please say it in a nice way. You don't want to make me mad, okay? I won't be mad, I can't be mad.... I don't want to be mad. We'll see!!

Anyways, I should be ready about.... now!! See you tomorrow!! Or today... or some other day.

Oh, yeah! A song... Today you'll get Headphones by Disco Ensemble. They are actually from... Finland!! Yaaay!! One of the bands I like from here. It describes how I feel about music, so it should be great!!

I can say now, that I am not just posting songs from Finland, but this one suits well.

Well, have a nice day, night, week, month, year, life... whatever...

Good Bye!! Until the next time! <3 ^^

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