Saturday, July 7

The Nerd talks about movies and music, totally boring everyone

Helluu!! ^^

Yeah, it's been a few days... But what can I say? I've been busy.

So, Thursday I went to Tampere to a amusement park. Just walking around and going to the different attractions with my sister. It was really fun ^^ Except when our boat went right into a waterfall...

Friday I had a friend over and then we went to see The Amazing Spider-man. The movie was really good, I can honestly say it was better than the others. That's my opinion anyways. I don't know what you think, but I loved it ^^

I was also surprised when a Coldplay song appeared in the movie. The thing that bothered me was that I knew I had it on an album, but didn't know what the song was called (which is embarrasing since I consider myself a nerd). So I went home to search for it, but none of the titles seemed to fit the song. And I knew exactly how it beginned. So I youtubed it. And the name was 'Til Kingdom Come'. Which made me more confused because I knew I had it somewhere, but I didn't see the title on any album. In the evening before I went to bed, I put on my ancient mp3-player, and guess what? The first song on the list was that song!!! It is always played first when I shuffle the songs, because it's the first in the alphabet, since it's called '+'. No wonder I didn't recognise the title, partly because it is a bonus song and isn't listed, partly because it had another name. Still I feel a little stupid...

Here's the song if you want to hear it ^^ If you're wondering, it is on the album X&Y.

Today I went shopping... again. Yeah, I didn't buy much today either. But I went to see Men in Black 3 also. Another good movie as well ;)

That means I've seen three movies at the cinema this week... Wow, I really feel like a nerd. But I like cinemas. They are nice and cozy. It would be cool to live in a cinema, eating popcorn and candy all day long. Ugh, I would get fat... Well, fatter.

I don't know what song feel like today, so I'm going to put up a song that I like for some reason. Today it's 'You Gave Me Nothing' by Mark Ronson & the Business International. It sounds a bit from the 80's. Or so I've heard from my parents. And someone on Youtube that commented that it would be a hit in the 80's.

This song has no real reason in my life, but I like it. So it'll have to do. And you did get 'Til Kindom Come' (or '+' that it is called on the album/my ancient mp3-player). So it will make up for the missed days. Maybe? I hope so!!

Well, I guess this is it for today, I hope I have time to post tomorrow, or I'll never forgive myself :/

Bye bye!!! <3

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