Tuesday, July 10

500 days of summer, fall (or autumn), winter, spring, summer again, and the a couple of months until Finnick

Why, hello.

Today has been work day for me. I spent a couple of hours at my grandmother's cleaning her windows. Why? I need money. And I also got food and ice cream, so it was okay ^^

500 DAYS TO CATCHING FIRE!!!! woop woop!! <3 *fangirling*

Aah, I can't wait! I want to know who's going to play Finnick.  I'm hoping for Jake Abel (the dude who played Luke in Percy Jackson, remember?), but that's just hoping. Wishing. Dreaming. He would be perfect <3

I don't have anything agaist people who wish for Garrett Hedlund, but Alex Pettyfyer? Sorry, but I don't see him. (Keep in mind that this is my personal thought. Otherwise he's a great actor (and good looking), but I don't see him as Finn. Nope.)

*yawn* Guess I should get to bed before I fall asleep in front of the computer.

Before I go, here is today's song: 'Safe and Sound', by Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars, just to get in the HG mood ;) Oh, and it's sort of my lullaby ^^

Yeah, well, good night, my darlings <3 Byee

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