Wednesday, July 11

*insert boring post title*

Helluu!! :D

Today I haven't done much. Mowed the lawn, paint a few bars and watched Percy Jackson (Luke Castellan <333 He's my prince Charming ^^(and Finnick)).

Tomorrow I'm going to an amusement park (again). This time in Helsinki with a couple of friends. It's going to fun!!! ^^

With that said I probably won't be able to post tomorrow... We'll see.

I don't have much to say today either... I'm getting bad at this :/

Today's song is 'Mr Brightside' by The Killers. Because. It's good, I like his voice, they are realising a new album this year, I like his voice and stuff. Oh, and I'm the one who usually says to people to look on the brightside. So I guess I'm mr Brightside...? Yup, that's me. (And the line "Now I'm falling asleep" suits for me right now.)

Any boo, I need to get some beautysleep so I can wake up at 8 tomorrow :)

Nighty night
Sleep tight
Don't let the bedbugs bite <3

See ya ^^

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