Wednesday, July 25



Today I went to Helsinki with two friends. We shopped in F o r u m and Kamppi, had follow the leader after random strangers, ate food and ice cream (Ben & Jerry's of course ;) ) and just walked around the city.

I bought a top (purple!!!) and a pair of earphones as a birthday gift for another friend (but don't tell her!!!). Yeah I still don't have money...

All day I have had a song in my head, which is going to be today's song; 'Smile Like You Mean It' by The Killers. So I've been singing it from time to time, and listening to it on the train to Helsinki. It's still in my head, so give it up fooor... THE KILLERS!!!

The awkward moment when you don't know how to continue...

Oh, well... Might as well end it here for today :)

Bye bye!!! See ya soon!! Come over some time? No? Okay, I'll be here alone with my cupcakes...


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