Monday, July 23

Busy Busy Busy week (I'm so SORRY!!)


Well this is awkward...

Last post was up on Monday... (Or Tuesday, but I count it as Monday) And today is... Sunday. I feel more bad, since I said I'd post more on Tuesday, and I have practically not even turned on the computer.... Fuuu!!

So to be really nice, I'll post a song for every lost day. Okay? *Nobody Cares* Well I do!!

Recap of the week:

Tuesday: Nothing. Eat. Watch TV. (I don't really remember) Oh, right!! I rewatched Scott Pilgrim!! Tuesday's song... eer... 'Don't Panic' by Coldplay.
Wednesday: Glee Marathon :D And eating loads of strawberries with ice-cream <33 yummy!! Wednesday's song is 'Umbrella/Singing In The Rain' by the Glee cast.

Thursday: Ummm... Eat. Watch some movie. Basic stuff. Thursday's song is 'The Anthem' by Good Charlotte.

Friday: A little shopping and then Disney Marathon!!! :D With a couple of friends ^^ We watched the Lionking, the Lionking 2, Tarzan and the Emperor's new Groove (OMG Kronk <33) Friday's song is 'Strangers Like Me' by Phil Collins.

Saturday: Went to my aunt for her name-day. Eat strawberry cake <33 Nom nom!! Yesterday's song will be 'Strawberry Swing' by Coldplay (again, I know... I have a teeny tiny cruch on them okay??)

Today (Sunday): Went to a cafe with a part of the big big family and had an ice-cream. ^^ Then home and do chores and stuff... Today's song will be 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa' by Panic! at the Disco, for no reason at all ^^

And that's all folks!!! I shall speak more another day mayhaps. I really hope tomorrow.

Well, Bye!!! :D <33

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