Thursday, January 17

Chocolate in the library

*sneaks a peak*


Sorry that I haven't written in a long time, I've been busy with school (we'll say). Well I have been. Mostly. To an extent.

Testweek is coming up, it's already next week on Friday. It starts with English, which is the subject I need to read the least on, and then the harder subjects are all on the following week, so I'm a bit screwed. I haven't started reading seriously yet. Which is really really bad. I promised I would start earlier, but it hasn't happened yet...

Anyways. Last week I saw Frankenweenie in cinema, and it was really beautiful and amazing and I almost cried in the beginning. But when it was at the climax near the end, the movie suddenly froze and then went black. And we were all confused, that there was something wrong and would they fix it. Then a few moments later, a man came in and turned on the lights and left. And the movie wasn't finished. But just after that a woman came in and asked if it was over - we said no - and then explained that they would try to fix it, and if they couldn't we would get free tickets to a movie, and popcorn. So we sat there and waited for a while, and then the movie was on, but not where it had stopped. So a man came to us and handed out free tickets for movie whenever, and tickets for popcorn and coke. So we watched it to the end, a bit confused as a part was missing, and then left the cinema, with free tickets for another time.

I feel a bit weird writing this. I'm in the library eating chocolate and writing on my tablet, and a girl just came in to the reading room, glanced dirty at me, and took a seat a couple of rows in front of me. More chocolate for me. Also, I need to go to the bathroom, but feel to weird to pack up my stuff just to come back later. It will have to wait.

Click here for a fabulous song.

Today's song will not be the one above, but 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. This is a really good song, I've listened to it alot recently, and the video has the girl who plays Annabeth in Percy Jackson in it. Also I love their name, Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons.

Linky winky because app is weird. Will probably edit this later.

That'll be all for today. See you later.

Byee!!!! <333

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