Saturday, January 19

LOTR marathon


As the title suggests, I'm having a Lord of the Rings marathon tomorrow (or rather, later today. It's past midnight) with my friends Sara, Pat and Janni. We'll try to see all the movies in a row, but I honsetly don't think we'll make it xD After all it's 9 hours we are talking about.

I wrote an essay today in English, and I got a little carried away, so I almost had 100 words to much. But I shortened it a bit so ot was only 40 words to much, but the teacher accepted it, so I'll be happy with that.

If I really like writing something, I will get carried away, and not realize how long it is. Then again I could have too short text, and that's even worse. I'll never be perfect...

Also testweek starts on Friday, and guess what? I STILL HAVEN'T STARTED STUDYING! Ughh, why do I procrastinate...? It will only lead to misery and pain. (Or bad test results, more likely.)

I'm not going to ramble about this, it's boring and all that, it'll stay in my head until I explode.

I've started watching Supernatural!! I've only watched two episodes, but so far I like it! The mystery is setting in... I need to continue soon.

Today's song will be 'Loserhead' by Cosmonot. I like this song for some reason, it's quite soothing in a way, and it'll get stuck in my head now.

Yeah, I'm into indie these days.

But that'll be all for now, see you!!!!

BYEE <33

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