Saturday, January 19



Just a short one before I get guests.

Turns out there is no Lord of the Rings marathon today, one of my friends couldn't come due to illness. But the rest of us will do something else, and probably watch some other movies.

Also, I've been wondering about the plural version of moose, and I've come to the conclusion that many moose are too boring, and instead I shall use many moses, as it sounds more interesting.

Today's song will be 'Locked Out of Heaven', but not Bruno Mars' version, but Mike Thompkins'! I don't really like dubstep, but this is different, because he makes all the sounds himself. So Enjoy!

That's all for today, they should be on their way. One of them just texted me saying she's on her way, so yes.

So have a great Saturday, and think about the moses and Legolas!

BYEE!! <33

(I feel like I should have putted 'Moses' by Coldplay, but I'll do that another day.)

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