Saturday, January 5

Holidays over soon.... :'(


Just a quick one before I go to sleep (soon).

The Christmas holidays are soon over, sadly... I wouldn't mind another week, really. It's gone way too fast for my liking. I've probably been gaining much weight from all the food, but I haven't dare measured it, so I'm not sure...

I've spent much time on the internet and stayed up until 5am... and woken up at 3:30pm, so my dayrythm is off balance... I have to quickly adjust it before school starts again...

Today's song will be 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' by Panic! at the Disco. It's really good, plus Josh suggested it, and he has good taste in music ;)

So that'll be all for tonight, I should start blogging here more often, and maybe a bit longer, but for tonight it will be enough.

BYEE!! <33

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