Thursday, September 27

Testweek is upon me


Just thought I would post something... Haven't been here in a while, too much school -.-

Test-week started today, so I should be studying right now... Still have 5 tests to go.

I haven't had a chance of putting any music here for a while so I thought I would spare my apolo-rambling and just post a few songs. You're welcome.

First song: 'Garbage Truck' by Sex Bob-omb (from Scott Pilgrim, but still like it.) I've started listening to the soundtrack again, and thought about watching the movie again, but have to study...

Second song: 'Love was still around' by Billy Talent. I love this band. I got tickets to their gig in Helsinki in a month, so I'm pretty excited :D

Third song: 'Starlight' by Muse. Because their gig in Helsinki is also getting closer (Boo-yah!) And I played this as my favorite at music-class a couple of weeks ago. At least the exchanged student liked it. But he also liked my worse song.... Weird kid.

That'll be enough for now, still have to study a bit. -.-
I don't even know if anybody reads this... But I'll just blog for my own good then. Still have the unicorns <33
Well BYEE!!! :*

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