Monday, September 10



So I've realized I haven't been posting for a while... And I'm really sorry, if there is anybody reading this, I don't know... A comment would make my day ^^

I've been caught up in school, so I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post every day... My hobbies also started so I have less time than ever... I'm also very lazy, that could be a problem...

I also need a song to play for my guitar classes; my guitar-teacher is really nice and talented and he lets me choose what song to play for myself :) So I need advice...

Should I take Coldplay?

Or Billy Talent? (They are quite hard, but I can try...)

Or Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

Or Something else?

Tell me what you think!

They might be hard to play, but my teacher thinks I can do it, when I don't...

I might go to Billy Talent's concert in October!! :D I really want to, but I have to get my friend to convince her parents to come with me.And then ofc I don't know where the place is where they're playing... but I'll find it later.

They are by the way realeasing a new album today. It's called Dead Silence, and it's really really good :D Have to post more songs by them...

The reson I'm a little disappointed in their choise of album name is that they a few years ago, when they released III, they said they'd keep with the numbers ( the other's are I, II and III). And Ben joked that they would name it V, and then everybody would wonder where IV was. That was a nice interview *sigh*

Misfits is on today... Have to record it.

Today's song will be 'Back in Time' by Pitbull. Maybe not what I usually listen to, but I sang it all day yesterday... (IT'S IN MEN IN BLACK 3!!!) But anyways... ENJOY!! :DDD

So that'll be it for today. I'd like to thank all of you reading this. Remember: you are beautiful!! Good Bye and I'll see you an other day :) *waves* <33

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