Saturday, September 1

Chill Saturday, if you were wondering


Not much to say today...

We got a new kitten! :D She's really cute and adorable. And small. The other cats doesn't really like her though :/

I'm getting my paddie on Tuesday! :D I'm so excited!

A friend of mine stayed overnight yesterday. We had fun, and I conviced her that Glee is a good show. Progress.

Today' song will be 'Blonde on Blonde' by Nada Surf. (no, it's not dirty, you pervs!) I heard it in a movie, and it stuck, so I listen to it at times. It's really beautiful, and I have been able to play it on my guitar. I should start practising again ...:/ But anyboo, ENJOY!

That's all for today. I'm going to eat chocolate now <33 BYE!!! :D *waves*

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