Sunday, September 16

No song...

Hey guys!

Sorry if it takes ages to post anything here, but testweek is coming up, and I haven't really studied.... I read half my psychology book today though...

And I'm having problems writing this on my tablet/paddie thingy so this will be very short.  (I named it 'Tabitha' by the way. You know tablet - Tabitha? :D no? okay...)

I can't get a video here, so this will be a post without a song... *cries in the corner*

I've started watching 'danisnotonfire' and 'AmazingPhil' on Youtube lately (you know, anything to not study for tests) and they are hilarious! :D Check them out if you want to, I can't link or anything but yeah....

Guess I'll go then. BYEEEE!! *waves* <333

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