Thursday, October 25

Tuesday rocked!!


Just a quick note before I go to sleep.

On Tuesday I went to see Billy Talent in Helsinki, and it was AMAZING!! The feeling was great, and the rocked the stage. They played a lot of good songs, but I was disappointed that they didn't play 'Sudden Movements' and 'Show Me The Way', but you can't have everything.

Me and my friend who came with me got great places; we were on the second row! We saw pretty much everything happening on stage.

While the warm up band was playing, my friend saw somebody standing behind a pillar beside the stage, and turns out it was Ian, the guitarist! I think he was trying to hide, but we saw you!!!

I bought a shirt, like I always do on concerts. I also filmed a little, but the sound didn't turn out good at all. But if anyone wants to see, I could post some. Comment if you want to see!

I won't put a song today, because I can't choose, plus I'm writing this with Tabitha...

So that'll be it for today/tonight! Byeee <33

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