Monday, October 1

Post against all odds


As you may or may not know, I'm currently having my very first testweek. And as much as I hate tests, it has gone pretty good so far. Half my tests are left, and I even got one out. And it was nearly full points! Scooore!! I'm more nervous for my next test tomorrow; psychology. I don't know so much, and I'm happy as long as I pass the course. And that's why I'm writing this.... Just to keep me from stressing out totally. I'm crossing my fingers for this!

I saw Brave this weekend, and it was AWESOME!! I mean it, if you like children's movies with both action and humour, then you'll love this! I know because I like children's movies....

Any boo, I think I'll skip to the music part now...

Today's song will be 'Stars Align' by Mike Thompkins, because I've listening to it today and I like it and his voice (he's only using his voice in this song, and that's pretty awesome.)

Tabitha didn't want to work with Youtube -.- *edited on computer*

But yeah, that'll be it for today, see ya!

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