Wednesday, October 17

Lot's of Songs and reasons why


So I haven't been here for a while because I've been busy with other stuff, and also been very very lazy... BUT! I'm going to make an extra long post today, because we have fall break, or whatever it's called in English, so my family and I are going to Copenhagen, Denmark. Wave if you see me!!

Today I'll put lots of weird and random songs to celebrate my short holiday.

So the first one will be: 'Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut' by Royal Republic. This song is amazing and stays in my head for a long time when I listen to it. This band is really really good, and I wish they would come here to Finland, so I could see them play :3

Second: 'Freaking Me Out' by Simple Plan ft. Alex Gaskarth. I don't know how I haven't heard this song before my British friend showed me it. I love it, simply put. Simple Plan is by the way AWESOME live!!! I saw them last April and it was the best concert I've been to so far :D

Third: 'DFTBA' by Hank Green just to show that I'm a Nerdfighter. The song is playing with initialisms from DFTBA, which originally stands for Don't Forget To Be Awesome :D Take it away Hank!

Fourth: 'Spazzmatica Polka' by Kevin McLeoad because I've been watching too much danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil... litteraly...

And last but not least: 'Show Me The Way' by Billy Talent, because their gig is on Tuesday :O :DD I'm so excited ^^

Yeah, I think that'll do.

Anyways, I hope I'll see you soon and behave and save some cupcakes for me. DFTBA, and BYEEE!!! <33

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